Approve build of much needed sporting facilities in South Maroota/Sackville North

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South Maroota/Sackville North are rural suburbs in the North Ward of the Hills Shire Council.

Currently there are little sporting and active playing facilities to encourage 3-18 year old kids living in the area to get active. The closest large outdoor playground and water park is 20 minutes away in Windsor or Wisemans Ferry. The closest sealed pedestrian footpaths and/or bike track to allow children to ride their bikes is 15 minutes away in Pitt Town or Wisemans Ferry. There are no youth sports clubs or groups based in the area either either families having to travel 30 mins to Dural to participate. While there is a very small playground at South Maroota Reserve, it is only suitable for children under the age of 6

Health NSW states that 4 out of 5 children in Australia don’t get the daily 1 hour of physical activity they need for good health. Encouraging children to be physically active every day will set them up to be active and healthy for their whole lives. Children should be doing moderate to vigorous physical activity every day which includes fast walking, riding a bike or scooter, playing, running and doing organised sports

We are asking our local council to build a sealed bitumen BMX pump bike track/skate park with learn to ride footpaths at either South Maroota Reserve or Sackville North Memorial Park. Additionally, this petition is also asking the council to install a basketball and netball ring on a sealed area  Both these ovals are currently under utilised due to the lack of built sporting facilities. These new facilities would provide a local space for youth in the area and their families to be active in a safe environment, while also bringing families from other local communities to the area.

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