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Higher wages for Duval teachers

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Low teacher pay has been a chronic problem in Duval County, leading to high turnover and critical vacancies.

A beginning teacher in Duval County Public School makes only $39,000 per year. This is less than the other urban districts in Florida and unlike other districts, Duval does not reimburse the cost of obtaining certification, which is currently more than $1,000.

Worse than the dismal starting pay, DCPS, complying with state law, ties teacher raises to student performance. Teachers in the most challenging environments are the least likely to see any increase in pay year over year.

Duval County schools are now feeling the consequences of chronically low teacher pay as they face staffing problems and high teacher turnover. As of  January 15, 2017, 200 additional teachers are still needed to fill vacancies in Duval County classrooms. Plans to fill these empty positions include moving reading specialists, math coaches, and student deans into classrooms. This will leave the most vulnerable students and inexperienced teachers without the support they need to succeed.

Teacher pay in Duval County is simply not enough to recruit and retain the teachers our children need in the classrooms.

If we truly value education, we must be willing to properly fund our schools. A modest property tax increase on property valued over $350,000 would adequately fund this initiative.

DCPS has high expectations for teacher performance. Tell the school board that we have high expectations that teachers be compensated fairly for the work they do

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