Revise the increase in Internship Fees for Summer 2019 (FC College, Lahore)

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There has been an abrupt increase in the fees charged for internships that are mandatory for various degree programs at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University). The fee for these internships has increased by about 300 percent in one go (from 10,000 to 40,000 pkr), along with an elevation in the general credit hour fee structure as well. While, there has already been significant increases in the fee structure during the past semesters.

Moreover, a majority of students are barely able to compete with already alarming increases in educational fees. Many students who are due to graduate after the following semester are concerned that their degrees may be delayed due to this problem. Also, it should be considered that numerous students are involved in jobs to pay their fees and can not expect an increase in their salaries in such a short period of time.

The students are in dismay and have repeatedly visited the University Administration which has acted aggressively and has not provided any logical reasoning nor have they shown any intent of discussing this matter (of immense importance) at any Administrative Meetings.

Additionally, in the internship under discussion, the students render their services as "intern teachers" at an NGO school (Light of Hope) also operated by the university. Hence, the university is not just exempted from the costs of providing educational services to the students (including but not limited to teachers' salaries, electricity costs, administration costs .etc.) but is also provided with free teaching services for its NGO school.

Furthermore, it is crucial to add that Forman Christian College (A university chartered by the Punjab Assembly, Pakistan) and The Presbyterian Church (which operates the institution) are non-profit entities with Tax Exception Certificates. Hence, such undue elevation in the fee should be a source of concern for the relevant authorities.

The students of Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) plea to all relevant authorities; including the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Ministry of Education Punjab and the Lahore High Court to provide them with relief from this injustice. 

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