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Hey, TSA: Airports are not strip clubs

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   I am a law-abiding American citizen.  Like most law-abiding American citizens, I tolerate the long security lines and odious security procedures at our airports because I realize that terrorism is a threat and that we must detect terrorists before they get onto airplanes.  But I cannot tolerate the Transportaition Security Administration's (TSA) new security regulations.

   Under these new regulations, I will have to go through a full-body scan every time I go to an airport.  While I understand its security purpose, this still makes me and most other Americans a little squeamish.  But the full-body scanners aren’t so bad compared to what happens to people who refuse to go through them.

   Under these new regulations, people who refuse full-body scans for privacy or health reasons are given an even more invasive strip search.  Security can and must grope around their genitals looking for hidden weapons.   This is a blatant violation of our civil rights and dignity.  People who refuse full-body scans are not committing any crime.  So why are they being treated like they have already attempted to kill the President?  In any other situation, these strip searches would be called sexual harassment.  We do not allow such things in our schools, even though a school shooter can be a threat anywhere.  We do not allow our police officers to do such things to people who are not suspected of any crime.  So why is it considered acceptable for you to treat squeamish but law-abiding Americans like me as criminals who have no right to basic dignity?

   And it gets worse.  If, out of conscience or concern for our privacy and dignity, we refuse to be felt up by security guards, the new regulations call for us to be arrested and fined.  Just because someone refuses a strip search does not make them a terrorist.  All it means is that they want their basic dignity and freedoms to remain intact. 

Please send the TSA a message telling them that we will not stand by as our freedom and dignity are undermined.  Because if we lose our freedoms, the terrorists win.

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