Her Name is Afghanistan

Her Name is Afghanistan

August 22, 2021
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Why this petition matters

On Sunday August 15, 2021, the world watched as the Afghan government collapsed. Since then we have observed unspeakable atrocities. Afghanistan is now the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, with over 20 million people on the brink of starvation. We cannot underestimate the terror of what lies ahead for those who remain in Afghanistan. 

As a global community we have observed these events in horror, anger and with a mounting sense of grief, while feeling powerless to help.

What do the people of Afghanistan want? They want peace, and the opportunity to live a good life in their homeland. They want what we all want.

We are using our collective voice to address international governments, the United Nations, and all organizations involved in the Afghan issue. 

We have 3 demands to all those involved in the future of Afghanistan:

  1. We demand that the international community not abandon Afghanistan.
  2. We demand that the Taliban respect human rights.
  3. We demand the formation of an inclusive Afghan government.

Although we have witnessed some of history’s worst human atrocities and the mistakes of international governments, we will not accept the destruction of Afghanistan as a forgone conclusion. 

We cannot let history repeat itself. This is about more than just Afghanistan. This is a human issue.

There is a famous Afghan proverb that says, “Drop by drop a river is made.”  We as individuals do not claim to be foreign policy experts, but the goal of this petition is to make a show of force as a global community. We join together to use our voices, our resources and our collective power to make a difference in the lives of millions of innocent Afghans. Drop by drop, in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, the river of justice must flow.

We call upon you to sign this petition to demonstrate your support for the people of Afghanistan.



DISCLAIMER: All donations made via this website will go to change.org. To donate directly to Afghan causes, CLICK HERE

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Signatures: 9,950Next Goal: 10,000
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