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TO Canada court watchers and Taiwan news agencies

Rene Helmerichs

Oct 17, 2018 — 

This update contains links to original documents submitted to court for C-13-205-SR at Barrie for the arrest on 2 March 2013.  At this point, this petition is a national security risk to Canada.


The reader can find this same information summarized in the 16 Aug 2018 update titled "Press Release (warning to Taiwan)" at


Law enforcement agencies will find the 16 Aug 2018 update is intentionally creatively presented.  It provides an example of the type of writing that began this global cause.  All facts are materially accurate, since facts themselves do not change.  I've read that it is a criminal offence to misrepresent facts.  Context determines justification for materially presented facts in any honourable court of law.


The warning to Taiwan is explained in a 12 Oct 2018 update duly submitted to The Republic Of China (Taiwan) Tainan District Prosecutor's Office, ref


This 17 Oct 2018 update is to be included in a follow-up email to The Office Of The President Of Taiwan on 19 Oct 2018.  A printable (.pdf) copy of this 17 Oct 2018 update is at


Please forgive typos.  Always read for meaning, and remember the context is for worldwide peace.  True worldwide peace is only attainable with an absolute end to religious wars over the singular concept behind the words acknowledging a common eternal state: God, Allah, mind, etc.




This is the full story.


This story began, unofficially, at a Mormon Spiritual Cafe evening in the TLC Bistro on Maple Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, 22 Aug 2011.  I hadn't wanted to attend.  I went because my son loved going, and Matt insisted.  That was the day Natalie passed me her phone number for agreement for a coffee date.  I'd had a premonitory experience 5 days earlier that links the event as a key date, actually the singularly most relevant date, in this story for me personally.


I have a criminal record now.  I have a criminal record because I argued with psychiatrists.  The argument began with The Mormon Community Of Christ at Barrie.  It was about "God" from the start, and is still very much about the mind of God.  Barrie police allowed this peaceful paper argument to escalate into years in jail.


Barrie police officers Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong came to my Barrie residence on 1 Sept 2012.  They warned me not further argue with Mormons about their fraudulent monetary philosophy.


What did I do? 


I sent the church one more email on 3 Sept 2012.  I carbon copied about 100 addresses.  Then I asked my mother to watch my son while I walked down to Johnson's beach in Barrie expecting to meet a police officer who could arrest me. 


This argument officially began on 3 Sept 2012 when I asked to be arrested to take a major international church, The Mormon Community Of Christ U.S.A. led by senior minister Tim Stanlick (who told Matt to contact the Barrie police), up on a legal dare. 


I expected the police to file criminal proceedings as they had threatened to do.  In fact, I specifically asked the arresting officer, Sergeant Douglas Henderson, if we would be attending the police station after the hospital check-up.  He said that we would.  I was sorely mistaken.


Mr. Henderson made absolutely no indication that I would, or could, be locked into the hospital.  He thought my tale to be so ridiculous that he called several more officers to join the party at Johnson's Beach on 3 Sept 2012.  I had a voice recorder with me for the occasion.


By the time we made it to the Barrie hospital, a very large hospital by international standards, there were half a dozen officers looking through a glass window laughing at me while nurses held me down to remove my blood.  I did not consent to the removal of my blood.  I abhor needles and in flight school the motto was "pilots don't give blood."


One officer, "Brad", elbowed me in the face.  I sensed his fear.  I'm unsure if he was afraid of me, or more afraid of losing his job as a result of what just happened.  A scuffle had broken out and my voice recorder was knocked into the hospital room corner.  He elbowed me in his haste to snatch it before I could retrieve it.  I cannot imagine that to be police protocol, however, as the hospital staff are now permitted to physically assault any uncooperative mental health patient, all bets are off.  I did empty a full bladder on the floor in peaceful gratitude at the silent permission.


Local Minister Matthew Swain had contacted the police with allegations of child abuse to prompt the police visit on 1 Sept 2012.  The treasurer, Natalie Kelloway (Yewchyn), later added the false accusation that I was stalking her since 5 Feb 2011.  Barrie police officer Brian Read (number 731) was so kind to add that I was also the subject of a bomb investigation in his 4 Sept 2012 report.  I didn't find that out until much later.  It was added to the disclosure file for C-13-205-SR.


Begin with the table of contents listing the Appendix files on page 3.  It's a first draft book.  Find a copy of the 4 Sept 2012 report, and witness testimony of Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway and Matthew Swain the appendix of a (.pdf) at


Also included in that appendix are emails from Natalie Yewchyn to show that she was outright lying.  Similar emails were submitted at the eventual trial in June 2014 (case file C-13-205-SR at Barrie), however, trial judge Gregory Mulligan permitted the perjury to protect two psychiatrists.  More about that below.


I was a college teacher.  The school offered me the choice to upgrade my education or leave.  I figured I could do better on my own.  The Canadian Charities Directorate application for Talk To Dream was postmarked 5 May 2012.  I decided to begin marketing a charity to build a school.  To market the charity, I'd write a book.  By August, I realized I was living the story.  In October, I told Anjana Chawla, "You know, they're going to make a movie of this."  Her reply, "I don't want to play my part."


Anjana Chawla is the embodiment of evil in this story.  The reader will realize that.  Natalie Yewchyn is just an average hard-working Jane and closet psychopath for all the cultural fears she's accepted.


The purpose of the school is to promote the book A Course In Miracles.  I'm a Courser, my word for any serious student of A Course In Miracles.  At that point, I'd logged over 3 hours per day, each day for over 5 years, trying to understand that book.  My age-16 answer, in a Cayce-style (There Is A River ISBN 9780876043752) dream I'd answered the same question, "What do you really want in life" with "to understand."  Of course, I kicked myself on walking when daily ego insisted on money or other.


The school I set out to build, a university, can provide churches the necessary non-denominational teachers to bridge the many kinds of Christian doctrines in a real-world practical way.  In fact, this entire project is entirely in line with The Golden Rule of biblical Matthew 7:12: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and be willing to accept that action instantly for yourself because you should also do it to yourself to be sure that your intention is always without harm to others."


Psychiatrists claim, or claimed, that I am delusional.  They insist, "A delusional individual is not aware of living in a delusion."  I add "at least for the case of mental disorder.  If I am aware of the delusion, then it is not a mental disorder."


Police presumed The Mormons were correct, and that I was guilty of all criminal accusations.  Common superficial sense does not suspect church members of deceit, but Courses know the ego is the Native American trickster.  I was locked into a Canadian Criminal Code defined "prison" right at the hospital on 3 Sept 2012.


The Mormon minister insisted that I am not a Christian, to which one should ask, "Did Jesus walk around accusing people of not following himself-as-Christ in his day, or did he try to unconfused people of legal delusions causing those people to naturally want to listen more to what he had to say?"


My wife was visiting from Taiwan at the time.  We weren't yet married, but she's been my silent supporting goddess throughout this entire ordeal.  She has the heart of a lion... accepting even to hook up with Susan Pyo for sex while we lived on opposite sides of the planet.  This entire argument is intentionally only a paper argument begun and continued with internet documents that ought to be preserved someplace.  The allegations are preposterous.  "I simply do not think like you do."-ACIM.


My wife slipped me a cell phone while I was incarcerated for the alleged criminal offences.  I didn't receive a criminal trial. 


Five pages offer a verbatim transcription of a conversation between myself and psychiatrist Anjana Chawla in the lock-down ward of Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH) in Barrie, Ontario, on 26 Oct 2012.  The document was submitted as disclosure material for the 2 March 2013 case file that became Superior Court Of Ontario case file C-13-205-SR in November of 2013.  I don't recall the original number, but I do recall signing the 2 March 2013 police charge, "In innocence, Rene."  They are included in the appendix of a larger (.pdf) document on page 73, subtitled "A Confidential Conversation", at


Ms. Chawla finally released me from the 3 Sept 2012 incarceration on 30 Oct 2012 on condition that I continue with the forced injections.  I didn't have a choice.  She enacted a community treatment order (CTO) on 30 Oct 2012 to ensure that police can forcibly return me to hospital if I did not cooperate.  My sister signed that order--not sure why that was even needed.


Ms. Chawla estimated that I would require forced injections for at least 6 months, but likely a year.  She did not note any recovery at any time.  In fact, the last dosage was administered on 22 Nov 2012.  Ms. Chawla raised the last dosage of Resperidone.  The stuff only caused me spinal pain.


Ms. Chawla had bribed me to release me from the injections.  In exchange, she demanded that I stop writing about this case.  Ironically, she was able to perpetually keep me locked in the hospital on her assertion that someone would want to harm me for my writing.  She insisted that I was therefore "of harm to self or others".  Yet I was only writing about her at that point.


For readers unfamiliar with the current legal structure of Canada, "of harm to self or others" is all any doctor needs to write to lock someone away.  After that, they can use any excuse.  Any sign of uncooperation, or protest, is consider a sign of delusion, and therefore perpetuates grounds for "harm".


I have complained to The Ontario College Of Physicians And Surgeons about all named psychiatrists.  The College shrugged off all complaints.  The College, regarding Ms. Chawla, simply remarked, "Ms. Chawla doesn't recall making such a statement and, if she did, it was only in jest." 


Facts speak for themselves.  The CTO and termination of treatment must be considered suspicious.  I do have enough on the voice recording of 22 Nov 2012 to demonstrate the bribe in court.  I assure the reader that it was no jest from the receiving end of those injections.


The Mormons are fraudulently representing Christianity.  Yes, that is a big argument, but this is an equally large case.  The Community Of Christ offers "Good Sense Budget" workshops at the bargain price of $15 Canadian.  Kazue, an adult student of mine formerly at Georgian College, attended the 21 April 2012 workshop held at Barrie's Grove Park Home. 


Natalie made the sandwiches for lunch, I popped by to pay my fee supporting my friend Matt in his "tax advice" workshop, as his wife Irina had sold it to me (I didn't realize it was religious in nature, or I certainly would not have advertised it to my college students!).  Kazue summed it up as "not tax advice" on 23 April 2012 in class.  I insisted on more info.  She added, "Giving money to God."  My mind reeled.


The Good Sense Budget workshop is typically 8 hours on a Saturday.  It serves to "educate" the participants that God, through The Tithing Principles (Deuteronomy 14:22-29) in the bible, wants everyone to give 10 percent of their monthly or yearly salary to the church.  We'll acknowledge right now that our brains do not actually think but merely process thought, however, the expression "brainwashing" definitely applies to that ponzi-scheme.  Churches have got to be the greatest government-sanctioned money laundering mechanisms available to organized crime!


The bible implies no such thing.  The Tithing Principles, which I had time to read in jail, were a means for governors to mitigate local droughts by moving harvests from one area to another without loss to the farmers.


The book of Matthew, in the bible, does specifically remind that there are only two masters: God and money.  The bible reminds us that we each serve only one master in any moment of the day.  The bible specifically says that one person cannot serve both masters or confusion will arise.  A Course In Miracles says the exact same thing.  The purpose of life is to unconfused ourselves, not to insist on more confusion of greater profit to our corporate holey [sic] identities.


At RVH in Barrie in 2012, psychiatrist Anjana Chawla insisted, "A delusional individual is not aware of the delusion."  She also insisted that she alone is "expert in mind". 


A Course In Miracles teaches the exact same thing, except that everyone is an expert in the thing we all share, if we have the willingness to treat each other as equally deserving fingers on the same one hand.


I claim not to be delusional.  Instead, I insist that Anjana's statement applies equally to all, and therefore also to the psychiatrist.  So we argue about law.


There is a law in our common reality to ensure that questions of delusion find an easy answer.


I was accused of a crime.  I was not given a criminal trial.  I was forcibly injected on grounds that I am delusional about the fact that I committed a crime that I believe I did not commit.


To settle the matter of delusion, in the mind of psychiatrist Anjana Chawla, I began to write about the things I saw in the hospital.


The psychiatrist ignored me, so I blogged them.  My wife helped.  I passed her letters through the door because the psychiatrist also denied me any supportive visitors.


Barrie police dropped Stephanie Teresa Holts off at the hospital in much the same way as they did me.  Psychiatrists outright scared Steph.  Steph passed me the drug paraphernalia that police neglected to remove.  I passed it to my wife, and my wife took pictures to include on the blog.


I had my wife email the board of directors of RVH (Janice Skott, etc.) some of the things that I saw in the hospital.  Patients were having sex in common rooms.  A male nurse made special visits to sleeping Stephanie to ogle at her body (she didn't wear much for clothes, and was a very attractive stripper).  Patients were left to terrorize each other with physical abuse, etc.  It was a complete side-show.  Laughing at it only made mental patients look even more insane in the eyes of the truly absurd.


My wife had such a terrible time with my mother that my wife moved up her departure date.  I mean, Anjana Chawla had my own mother wrapped around her little finger like no tomorrow.  I cannot imagine how horrible it was for my wife.  I was permitted a final hug.  My wife slipped me my cell phone.


It wasn't long after that, that psychiatrist Anjana Chawla bribed me to lower the blog my wife began against the hospital.  Ms. Chawla threatened to begin criminal proceedings for character defamation.  I informed her that the police (a "John" who visited after I insisted on an end to at least the patients-terrorising-patients parts ought to end) told me that my body is the physical property of the hospital while I am incarcerated in the hospital.  I figure that's especially true after having my rights to refuse medication unjustly removed on 22 Oct 2012.  Ms. Chalwa could not legally begin criminal proceedings.  I laughed at her.


After that it was bribery, and threats to take custody of my son, and other stuff.  I was already denied all supportive visitors and my body wasn't legally mine.  Really, I had nothing left to lose in a teacher-versus-psychiatrist argument about "mind".


The point is that I was arrested for a criminal offence, put into a mental ward, forcibly injected, not given a criminal trial, and then the psychiatrist had to bribe me to stop writing about it.  And I'm supposed to be delusional?  So, I continued to argue the point.


Georgian College in Barrie terminated my teaching contract prematurely.  I was part of the OPSEU Local 350 union.  Normally, the union should have to support me with a legal case against the college, yes?  Instead, the assistant dean, Mac Greaves, and Dean Maryann Fifield, called me on 18 Oct 2012 in the hospital to tell me that I was suddenly not qualified to teach the course that I'd been teaching and was assured to be qualified to teach until fiscal end.  It was lie, but not far reaching.  Colleges Ontario created the Occupation Specific Language Training series.  It was set to implement new teaching criteria, but I was assured that I could still teach until at least 31 March 2013.


In February 2013, I passed the Ministry Of Transportation School Bus Licence test.  I took the training at Sinton Transportation in Barrie, not sure what else to do for work.  I recorded a phone conversation with manager Christine on 26 Feb 2013 telling her that I was going to continue my book of honesty.  Find it in Story Of Loo at .  Christine was understandably upset that Sinton had just given me 25-hours of school bus training.  But, honestly, if I'm truly mentally ill am I the kind of person you'd want driving your kids around (don't answer that)?  I have stories about driver training.


I was returned to jail on 2 March 2013 because I insisted to take the Mormons to court.  The 1 March 2013 instigating email subject line read "This DOES apply directly to you because it applies to the entire CANADIAN LEGAL SYSTEM, a sub-system of the Universal Mental System (as best as whatever that is that you think it is that you can imagine without checking to see if someone else imagined it with me for oneness)"


The Mormon rumours about me were not true, and I'd lost my job as a result.  What choice, honestly, did I have but to continue with the story that I'd begun on 3 Sept 2012?  Find Mormon Minister Matthew Swain and ex-Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn's 2 March 2013 sworn police statements submitted in the disclosure material for C-13-205 at Barrie beginning on pages 41 and 53 in the (.pdf) at


A few emails from the ex-treasurer Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway demonstrating the Mormon testimony as false are found on pages 60-63 in the (.pdf) at


Remember this argument is entirely about mental health.  Specifically, The Criminal Code Of Canada 2014 definition for "mental disorder" as "a disease of the mind".  The law does not define the word "mind".  This is entirely the subject of this petition at CC


Psychiatrists are permitted to define mental disorders without first having established what it is they are defining, in a legal context.  That's like inventing a word aghqoghohg and the saying it means "weth thewth thathewa thateh athet."  Actually, that's exactly what's currently happening in Canada right now.  And tax-payers are on the hook for it with an ever-decreasing standard of living.


Also, the story of Jesus coming back from the dead is a direct testament that our minds are not physical in origin.  We won't mention that he was killed for the very same argument and chose to allow it because he also knew that it'd help all of us figure it out faster in the end.  It simply does not matter what we think we are.  We are one, but no one but my wife seems to get that.  Therefore, this is entirely a legal argument against an ongoing abuse of authority permitted in the Canadian criminal justice system.  It's logic, through and through.


I spent years in court trying to defend for my right to defend against psychiatrists.  I actually got to the point where I called a psychiatrist as witness in court (3 July 2015). 


On 3 July 2015, I asked Waypoint Centre For Mental Health lead psychiatrist James Karagianis why I was not allowed to have my statements--given for the purpose of a medical assessment, especially since those statements can, and are, used against me to keep me incarcerated--why is it not reasonable to allow me to have those statements recorded, verbatim, so that I can demonstrate to the public not only that they are being taken out of context but also entire twisted and changed completely?


The answer was, "You're mentally ill.  You need treatment." 


Read it for yourself.  You can find a copy of the 3 July 2015 Barrie courthouse transcript for file C-14-6966 (I was arrested a third time in December 2014 to continue this same case) in the appendix of the same document after the Mormon witness statements, and evidence showing the Mormons gave false testimony in court. 


The 41-page 3 July 2015 transcript for C-14-6966 begins on page 80 in the (.pdf) at


I am not sure how psychiatrist Jamie (alias) Karagianis managed to justify his answer in the face of my question, but the judge (Ms. Dawson at Barrie on 3 July 2015) allowed me even more time in court to try to argue the point with psychiatrists.  Unfortunately, I would have to wait three more months in jail for the next time the psychiatrist had time in his busy schedule to come down to court.  He did manage to have prosecutors submit, and the court order a "no communication" order against me.  I've left the argument open.


The following month, on 5 Aug 2015, I was ordered to be forcibly injected, again.  Mr. William Komer worked under the supervision of the James Karagianis at Waypoint Centre For Mental Healthcare.


Mr. Komer requested the court to order me to be injected on 5 Aug 2015.  He insisted that I am delusional.  Mr. Komer insisted that I do not understand what a "plea" is in court of law.  He justified need for the injection to be sure that I understand what I did on 24 Feb 2015 when I pled "guilty" to a related matter no longer needed for this argument.


Find the 5 Aug 2015 transcript for court file C-14-6966 at Barrie, as will as one for 24 Feb 2015 demonstrating Mr. Komer to be infallibly incorrect after my attempt to reason with his supervisor on 3 July 2015, in the Appendix to the (.pdf) titled "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy: unbecoming conduct of Canadian and Chinese officials". 


The 5 Aug 2015 transcript begins on page 127 and the 24 Feb 2015 on page 171 in the (.pdf) at


Incredibly, Mr. Komer managed to have the court order me to be injected on the false assertion that I do not understand what a "plea" is in a court of law context, and despite simultaneous petitions to The College Of Physicians And Surgeons, The Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office, and The Ombudsman Of Toronto.


Possibly the worst part of Mr. Komer's 5 Aug 2015 court submission was his insistence that my direct references to exact Criminal Code sections somehow implied that I do not understand the name of the charge with which I was charged.  I was so tired of his repeatedly asking the exact same question that I gave the simplest possible answer.  What's more, when I attempted to correct him, to tell him that the information on which he was relying was incorrect (i.e., that I had already pled out on 24 Feb 2015 to one of the listed cases), he insisted that it was clear evidence of my ongoing delusion.  The reader can read it first-hand in the transcript of 5 Aug 2015 with 24 Feb 2015 included as support, pages 127 and 171 respectively, at the link above.


Please consider how this mentally delusional imbecile (me) managed to obtain those transcripts in (.pdf) form, emailed to me in Taiwan, without having to pay the Barrie courthouse for them!  In person, I'm actually a normal likable guy!  You'll never know that I know exactly what you're thinking.


I was again left without the ability to defend for my right to defend against psychiatrists.


Mr. Komer refused to allow me to return to Waypoint Centre For Mental Health for the injections.  This came as a surprise to prosecutor Kathryn Hull on 5 Aug 2015.  And, thanks again Kate for the XL Tim's coffee on 30 June 2014. :)  Sincerely, that was only an offer of kindness on your part.  If you need a legal defender, I'm it for you.  Dearly sorry about the tears, the picture of my son was too much.


I was sent to Ontario Shores For Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, Ontario, to receive the injections.  I believe I arrived on 18 Aug 2015 (the date isn't important).  I was assigned to psychiatrist Mr. (male) Leslie Wong.


Mr. Wong was a piece of work.  I pleaded with Mr. Wong for more time to put a legal stop to the 5 Aug 2015 order.  Mr. Wong not only denied my request, but insisted that the injections would somehow help me to learn the rules of court.


Side note concerning Mr. Wong: I intend to pursue this in court at a later time.  (side-side note: everything is amendable.)  We should ensure he receives gradually increasing injections while he cannot translate this simple sentence into any language not currently known to him.  Then we can ask him, "Why would you think that injecting anyone is going to help that person learn?  Specifically, Mr. Helmerichs had passed your basic courtroom knowledge test in 2013, here at Ontario Shores but under psychiatrist Karen Defreitas.  He posted the entire test with answers online, linked to a website, , that he's owned since 2012 just to be certain that he wouldn't need to answer the same multiple choice questions again."


I've just done a quick search of old blogs.  Couldn't find the one with the answers.  It's probably listed at "luciferchristforworldpeace" to which I didn't have access on the current account.  But I found that one against Chawla back from 2012!  Yay internet!  Ref


Dear Canadian tax-payer, it cost Canada about $500 Canadian for one single injection of Resperidone in 2012 at RVH.  Add the double-room tax-payer expensed RVH amount of $1150 per night (actually more since rooms at Ontario Shores were single-occupant only) for the 30-day stay to ensure that healthcare victims can pass the same test which had already been posted to the internet in 2014, and then wonder why your standard of living isn't improving.


Do you want to hear how Mr. Wong stopped injecting me?  I flat out told Mr. Wong, "Send me back to Central North Correctional Centre.  I'm done.  I'll plead out and move to Taiwan.  That'll also end the b.s. of having to ride a bicycle in the dead of winter every two weeks to a probation officer, Ms. Tamara Williamson, who also thinks I'm irreparably mentally damaged."


Fyi Ms. Williamson of Orillia Probation And Parole was supposed to help me convict Judge Gregory Mulligan of C-205-SR of every manner of crime least of all the court-sanctioned perjury committed by the two Mormon witnesses to hide the fact that the two original doctors ought really to be arrested.  She informed me of the rules in our first meeting.  I wrote her a poem... "This is a test to see how much you'll hate me..."


Mr. Gregory Mulligan, trial judge for case file C-13-205-SR at Barrie in June 2014, outright denied me the right to submit the 4 Sept 2012 Barrie police report from police officer Brian Read.  The jury was dismissed mid-trial and we argued about it for an entire afternoon.  Prosecutor Kathryn Hull offered a red-acted version with black marker covering much of the false statements of Mr. Brian Read.  However, Mr. Mulligan insisted that my mental health defence against doctors Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla should not at all be allowed in court, after having denied my Charter (The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms) One application.  Section one justifies unusual court activities specifically to preserve national security in exceptional circumstances.  I did submit grounds for others, Charter 11b comes to mind.


Following the arrest of two psychiatrists, I'm fairly certain I'll have no trouble advertising for the funds to build that A Course In Miracles university.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the Canadian government will happily settle with me for any amount I ask because I can also fix every other Canadian legal inconsistency with exclusive benefit to absolutely all Canadian tax-payers.  It's actually a win-win.  (I really do have an uncharted intellect, if this document doesn't already demonstrate that.)


From 2 March 2013 until my release on 30 June 2014, I spent 16 months in solitary confinement at Central North Correctional Centre with the exception of one month (it might have been two, Karen DeFreitas was good at needless delaying things) at Ontario Shores.  At that time, I was kept in a part of the jail designated as the mental health wing. 


Normal inmates are released from their cells to spend the day in a larger open common area with all-day access to the shower and payphone.  I was released for 20 minutes every other day or more.  Once, I was kept in my cell for 11 days without a shower though I'm sure the jail administrators will never admit that it happened.  That was my first time in a jail.  I still had no official criminal record at that point.


I received no fair bail hearing because psychiatrist Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg sent a psychiatric form with me each time I attended court for a mandatory bail review hearing.  The form outright denied the court the authority to grant me "interim release from custody". 


Were I granted bail, the cuffs would never have come off.  The psychiatric form ensured that I would be locked away in yet another mental ward.  Being locked into a mental ward is precisely to be in prison according to the definition in The Criminal Code Of Canada.  (aside: that would, in all likelihood, have resulted in more forced injections and allowed prosecutors to remove me from the criminal justice system, which was not beneficial to me or you)


I attempted to argue the point in court.  Specifically, "If I am here for a mandatory bail review hearing, and the court does not have the authority to grant me interim release from custody, what is the point of having a mandatory review to ensure perpetually remanded inmates have a fair chance at bail?


One particularly unfair judge, Michele Furst, sticks out in memory.  It was January or February 2014.  On 3 Feb 2014, psychiatrist Robert Dickey signed the psychiatric form.  Mr. Lorberg was absent, possibly on vacation.  I insisted on a recording before speaking with Mr. Dickey.  Mr. Dickey refused, so I politely told the guards we're done and I went back to my cell.  No medical assessment took place.  Mr. Dickey signed a legal document fraudulently confirming that he had conducted a medical assessment and found me to still be "of harm to myself or others".  How is that allowed?


When I met Mr. Dickey again, his memory lapsed and he forgot ever having seen me.  He was still a complete ass.


At no time during my 16-month incarceration in Canada did I receive a fair hearing.


In fact, for the trial of C-13-205-SR in June 2014, I submitted email evidence demonstrating the Mormon Minister and ex-Treasurer were lying under oath.  That's called criminal perjury.  The reader can find similar evidence in the appendix of "The Choice" beginning on page 60 at


Ontario Superior Court Judge Mr. Gregory Mulligan knowingly permitted Mormon Minister Matthew Swain and ex-treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now Natalie Kelloway at to commit perjury in court of law.  I humbly assert that Mr. Mulligan allowed the crime to hide his own crime of denying me the right to submit the necessary 4 Sept 2012 police report from Brian Read, because it would have opened the door to the mental health argument and resulted in the two psychiatrists (Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla) to be arrested.  I lovingly call him, "Mr. Mull-it-over-again."  Do charge him.  I'm done trying to talk sense to the insane.


Back to 2015, and my second kick at the can, Mr. Wong must have liked the idea of me getting out of his hair.  When Mr. Wong met with me, he asked questions.  I insisted to give my answers in writing, with a pen and paper.  Yes, it was a pen.  This was intentionally to spite the 3 July 2015 remarks of Mr. Karagianis that a verbatim record should not be allowed. 


It was not a choice for Mr. Karagianis to deny me the right to submit my statements to a verbatim record in his C-14-6966 courtroom testimony of 3 July 2015.  In fact, Mr. Karagianis was so kind to explain his reasoning for trying to deny me that right.  Mr. Karagianis was afraid that his statements would appear on the internet.  The question was never about a verbatim record of psychiatric statements during the assessment.  There is more than enough paperwork from them.  Mental patients only need to be able to demonstrate to the court that the patient did not say or imply what unprofessional doctors assert.


If the Barrie courthouse could at least get something right, it wasn't my last release date.  I was ordered released on 16 Oct 2015.  It was a Friday.  Central North Correctional Centre decided to keep me the extra weekend just to be sure that the prosecutors at Barrie were actually allowing me out of jail.  Even that worked out in my favour for grounds I'd rather not mention here.


On 16 Oct 2015, the judge happily consented to me leaving the country.  By then I was fully famous in the courthouse at Barrie.  The judge also allowed me to mail in the monthly probation forms to Ms. Tamara Williamson, who was beside herself that I managed to get the judge to allow it.


I was left homeless, again.  Thank you Hugh Jeff Smith for offering me a room.  Eventually my mother decided that I really just needed a friend.  When the family doctor found out that my mother had let me in, he insisted that she kick me out.  Thank you Andrew Wozniak, but we'll agree it was necessary because I'm far better off to continue this case from Taiwan.


Side note about Andrew Wozniak: the doctor signed a legal document in 2012 declaring me fit for work.  I submitted the medical report to whatever Canadian Employment Insurance agent.  It should have allowed me to collect the Employment Insurance premiums that I'd been paying for the past years as unionized college teacher.  I have beef with a Linda Mc... something, name written elsewhere, about her refusal to respect the doctor note.  I fully intend to redress that at a later date.


After that I came to Taiwan.  My mother bought me a ticket leaving as soon as possible, 30 Dec 2015.  I had a job offer before landing, and two more within a week or so of arrival.


Then the law changed.  Taiwan now requires a criminal record check for all teachers.  It changed in 2017, I was told.


In this particular case, there is a constitutional argument.  Since everything that I am doing is completely in accord with Republic Of China Constitution Articles 141, 171, and others, the Tuition And Education Act Article 9(4) is functionally inconsistent.


Grounds to amend the Article 9(4) of The Taiwanese Education Act are simple.  Taiwan is a civil law country.  Case law, "common law", is not permitted or used in court in Taiwan.  Therefore, past criminal cases of teachers are technically not permitted to be used in court for arguments of the court, and certainly not when a constitutional inconsistency is noted.


It's a technicality, but it serves to mitigate the constitutional inconsistency in my particular case.  All that is needed is a slight amendment to the wording of 9(4) which I'd stated in a 12 Oct 2018 filing to the court, and posted publicly at


In Taiwan, I am still very much in the middle of the same argument about "mind" except that the doctors aren't involved here.  It's just criminal and civil suits. 


I require enough global media attention to have the initial two psychiatrists (Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla) arrested, and all named psychiatrists investigated.  Then I would like all of the lawyers (prosecutors and legal aid) who have been denying me the right to defend for myself in court investigated.  We can begin criminal proceedings against each separately, or come to a collective agreement where my reasonable requests are honoured.  In exchange, I expect to receive full authority over the land in western Canada that I will purchase for the school. 


The land will exist as a separate city-state.


I have made necessary court submissions in Taiwan to begin to attract media attention.  Find them linked in the 12 Oct 2018 update, linked at the start.


However, there is a more directly approach to accomplish media attention.  Kidsland Sesame Street hired me as a teacher in Taiwan to begin a two-year contract on 1 Aug 2017.  Kidsland intentionally removed the requirement for me to submit a criminal record check.  Its managers knew that I was in jail specifically to write a story to bridge the science-religion divide. 


I am demonstrating mind for science.  The statement "demonstrating mind for science" was included in the 2 March 2013 disclosure material for C-13-205-SR.  It was the title of a blog post, the entire blog was accepted as the disclosure material.  The contents of the post were something to the effect of "You cannot judge me for a book that I have not yet completed." 


Other C-13-205-SR disclosure material references sincere gratitude and heartfelt apologies for the ongoing adventure that is this living story of ours.  Any references to "King Of Canada" are unequivocally absolved in an international campaign for Rene Helmerichs as, first, Prime Minister Of Canada, before electing himself as Governor General and siding with whatever runner-up in any of Canada's future national elections as the new Prime Minister elect.  Reference .


Currently in Taiwan for this most absurd yet truest worldwide peace cause, Kidsland is trying to hide my past from its clients.  It didn't help that they allowed a certifiable lunatic with a criminal past considered under Taiwan law to be sex-related offences to go on an overnight school trip and stay with grade one and two students in a hotel, alone, on 14-15 Aug 2017.  A summary is linked in the 16 Oct 2018 "Save Sesame Street" petition update at


Think media attention.


Sesame Street U.S.A. is now involved in a potential copyright infringement lawsuit against Sesame Street Taiwan if Sesame Street Taiwan doesn't partner with me in court against its partnered company (Kidsland) which owns 13 schools.


Despite all of that, there is still no assurance that this case will find its way onto the news.  For that reason, there happens to be an existing agreement with Set TV Group of Kaohsiung City.


In the picture to this 17 Oct 2018 update find Kaiwei, 廖凱偉先生.  Kaiwei was the legal representative for Set TV group on 20 June 2018 at The Lingya District Office in Kaohsiung City for mediation.  He came down from Taipei just to sit and chat.  We agreed to a future news story.  The case was left open.  He's now personally on the hook for criminal charges, and his company for a rather large legal bill.  I'll submit this post to the office and have them officially mail it to him in a letter, or, conversely, just submit it to court with the open letter for the 20 June 2018 date, and then have The Lingya District Office explain to me in court why they are refusing to send the letter. 


Set TV aired me on 15 Feb 2018 passing out little paper strips with the website and announcing The Magic Show Of 2018.  It did not allow the public to few the web address and did not explain to the public any further information about this magic show.  Find the video linked at


Set TV is legally and morally obligated to cover this story.  I'm sure I can dig up advertising standards to further ensure a limitless trove of court cases should they decide to contest my news worthiness.




Superfluous additions:


None of this document, or any other, should be threatening.  Any perceived threat is in the mind of the reader, and not shared with this author.  The intention is pure.  We began in a wholey eternal state.  Since our origin is eternal, we are eternally joined to it.  We walk through life as we would a hall of mirrors, ever seeking the perfect reflection... Namaste "the divine spark in me greets the divine in you".


A mathematical note: the solution to 1/0 is not infinity but precisely that indefinable mental origin, "cannot divide by zero" as my 10-year-old laptop calculator accurately reminds.  My smart phone is incorrect to display the horizontal "8".  It is actually 0/1 that represents infinity since "anything divided by zero is always zero" means that the even 0 divided by complex or imagines yield the same one definite, endlessly arisen, symbol for wholeness.


Incidentally, Taiwan remains the natural authority for The People's Republic Of China.  The current Taiwanese government, therefore, retains the final choice of whether or not to cause me to petition the mainland to pursue Taiwan in International Court on grounds of a massive Human Rights abuse for all that I've already posted online in The Choice, and described in 12 Oct 2018 court filing copied to


We'll agree this is an unusual story, possibly a completely abomination of the existing legal mindset.  We cannot say that we were not warned in The Book Of Revelation, but, then, God is always correct and our mis-interpretations of warnings haven't helped any of us to better relate in our ever-changing mental landscapes.


Previously, 16 Oct 2018 "Save Sesame Street" at


The 16 Oct 2018 petition update references Facebook.  A formal complain to the Facebook team is preserved on Google+ at


Within that 17 Oct 2018 Google+ post, is a link to a personal memory souvenir.  The souvenir is a conversation had between myself and my wife without intention to share the conversation while it was occurring.  Had I been more astute, I would not have repeated the same question three times without emphasizing the parts of the question that my wife failed to read.  In fact, the conversation is mentioned here only because it portrays what A Course In Miracles refers to as "ego", which we never truly lose while with our bodies in this world.  It ought to help Coursers in the future better understand how their ego discretely functions as a personal side-kick in life.  The important takeaway from Helen's original notes, omitted from the current official copy of A Course In Miracles, was the ever-reminder to remember to ask... "Before you are finished and put away your notebook, do remember to ask me (Me) if I have anything more to add."  The ego will always receive that instruction with offence, but it is so keenly important because it helps eliminate the emotional turbulence distorting the connection so lovingly and longingly sought by all Coursers.


The last note to this superfluous addition is The Holy Grail Solution.  It's linked in the 19 Sept 2018 "A Miracle March" update under the searchable heading "The Holy Grail Award".  Ref (.doc) link.  It's a bit wordy, but the idea is there.  It's a way for governments to work together with the churches to ensure a complete restructuring of Christianity while at the same time allowing each person alive to find the personal peace missing from their lives.  The 19 Sept 2018 "Miracle March" update is at






19 Oct -- TO Presidential Office For Taiwan CC printable (.pdf) when posted at

21 Oct -- World Prayer Project Re Fermat's last theorem explained in a single A4-sized page with 12 point Times New Roman font that is easily understandable and with adequate format spacing for easy reading.  Ref printable (.pdf) at



Sign and share the petition to stay tuned to further updates about this still-developing massively international case.


This petition is really a full-time job.  I don't want to imagine what law enforcers or The Taskforce are going to say to this update, but I'm expecting ACIM "echoes" which I've been passively logging to myself in personal notes on the Google Hangouts app from my renephone... email to my rh one.  Rene4PM is next up, since I'm nearing the end of my space quota on those two accounts.  May thanks Google for your serious commitment to our same one fundamental honesty, and same one legal drive to ensure a sustainable ever-lasting concept for honesty.



Rene Helmerichs

17 Oct 2018

Expect this update to remain at for a while. :)

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