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Canada to accept 1,000,000 new immigrants!

Rene Helmerichs

Nov 25, 2018 — 

^ 中文如下, Chinese below, updated 28 Nov 2018


Canada to accept 1,000,000 new immigrants!  The first 1,000,000 non-immigrant signees of the petition at are invited to build a new city in Canada.  The project secures Canada as the foremost multicultural country in the world.


College teacher Rene_Helmerichs began the project in 2012.  The argument corrects a global question: why do we suddenly need tranquilizers to help us think and feel? 


Psychiatric medication tranquilizes only the body.  If the body is an instrument for communication of the mind, then muting spiritual thinking is directly to subvert cultural tradition.


Mr. Helmerichs is working with the Chinese government.  On 27 Nov 2018, The Taipei Times reported "the 15 cities and counties the K.M.T. won on Saturday cover 80 percent of the population".  Mr. Helmerichs has ongoing meeting with officials for the government of Taiwan.  A key date is in Tainan City, Taiwan, on Christmas Eve, 2018.


Republic Of China (Taiwan) police and prosecutors are currently debating whether to proceed with criminal fraud allegations against Kidsland_Sesame_Street (人上人教育事業集團芝麻街凱仕蘭) and Kang_Ning_University (康寧大學).  Both educational institutions directly deceive the public to circumvent Republic Of China Tuition And Education Act Article 9(4). 


Articles 141, 171, and 11 of The Republic Of China (Taiwan) Constitution directly support this project.  The question is therefore one for lawyers.  Will prosecutors respect that every person in The Republic Of China is equal before the law?  Will The Republic Of China (Taiwan) government ensure that educational organizations follow constitutional law?


China is known for circumventing due process in court.  In this particular case, Beijing has the ability to begin proceedings under The Nuremberg Principles of The International Law Commission if Taiwan fails to respect its own constitution.  In all cases, the government of Canada wins. 


The first separate city-state on Canadian soil directly clarifies a matter of growing international concern: are psychiatrists permitted to maintain silent partnership with local Canadian cities, and the ability to presume guilt?  Right now, psychiatrists have the authority to deny individuals a criminal trial.


The question should not be asked.  Yet the Canadian public is unaware of the current legal process governing Canada.  Unlike China, Canada retains a viceroyalty.  Most Canadians assume Canada to be a fair and democratic country, but every elected Prime Minister must sway public opinion to maintain the position after 4 years. 


Within Canada, there exists the position of Governor General.  The Office Of The Governor General has the authority to enact or veto any democratic law.  The position of Governor General is not currently elected.  The Governor General is, in fact, the functioning King, or emperor, of Canada.


Democracy allows people to elect a government.  An abrupt change occurs when a new government is elected.  Despite regular elections, the same courtroom prosecutors continue to administer the law.  In every democracy, the law must be consistent. 


Geology is the study of gradual change.  In the future, international governments will acknowledge that the erosion on the Sphinx, currently in a dessert, was caused by significant rainfall.  The Great Pyramids of Egypt are, in fact, closer to 10,000 years old.  There is much that worldwide governments refuse to amend in their history books.


On 21 March 2018, The Toronto Sun reported that The Ontario Government pledged 2.1 billion dollars to "re-build" the mental health care system of Ontario, Canada.  According to 2016 statistics, that translates into $156 per person in Canada that the government of Canada allows provinces to pledge for mental healthcare reform.  In other words, the government of Canada is able to pledge $5.5 billion Canadian dollars.  A new city-state government is the best solution to resolve the psychiatric-judicial nexus for Canada.


The city-state will become a model educational entity for all worldwide governments.  Find all necessary legal information for background and context at


1,000,000 new immigrants are to enter Canada for the NEW city-state legal entity created directly as a result of an erroneous medical science assumption currently negatively affecting every country of the world.  A model global fully transparent entity is the simple and most-cost effective solution.




加拿大接受新移民1,000,000! 請願的前1,000,000名非移民簽名者被邀請在加拿大建立一個新的城市。該項目確保加拿大成為世界上最重要的多元文化國家。
























2018年3月21日,多倫多太陽報報導,安大略省政府承諾投入21億美元“重建”加拿大安大略省的精神保健系統。根據2016年的統計數據,加拿大政府允許各省承諾進行精神醫療改革,這意味著加拿大每人156美元。換句話說,加拿大政府能夠承諾提供55億加元。新的城邦政府是解決加拿大精神病 - 司法關係的最佳解決方案。


這個城邦將成為所有全球政府的示範教育實體。在 上查找背景和背景的所有必要法律信息




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