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Rene Helmerichs

Mar 25, 2018 — 

The Mormon Community Of Christ gave false testimony under oath for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Canada, in June 2014 to start this story. Corrupt officers of the Barrie police most recently went looking to arrest Rene in March of 2018. Since the courthouse at Barrie is crooked, we must make a united public stand for global honesty. Rene will continue this campaign in Chinese at until this nonsense is sufficiently brought to public light.  currently of, and Matthew Swain are the true criminals to be arrested. Then negotiations can properly begin. See the full Story Of Loo with details of perjury for any reporter to investigate in the section "A testament to real life in Canada" at (this .doc) (blog) (petition) Redefining "Genius" 27 March 2018 In 2012, Rene was a college professor. College professors do not normally write the F-word in emails to churches. Smart people do, however, challenge governments on legal inconsistencies and outright condoned criminal conduct by governments. Rene had a publishing contract to write a book and the hottest topic to write about is always going to be religion. Religion determines cultural beliefs including any for or about sex. So, if sex can sell, religion can sell better. Rene decided to try something different. Rene advised The Mormon Community Of Christ of his intent. No one saw what Rene was doing because everyone was judging Rene for using the F-word as a teacher. The bible that the Christian churches all use does say in The Book Of Matthew, 7:1-3: 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. 7:2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 7:3 Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Mormon minister and acclaimed "Church Planter" Matthew Swain and ex-treasurer committed perjury to protect their church in the trial for C13-205-SR at Barrie in June of 2014. Submissions to the record during trial did reveal that already then. Canada has no public excuse available. No one was ever in harm in any way. Going to jail is not harm. Speaking out of turn or farting during a meal in jail, that can institute harm so be careful those of you who shall yet visit one of Canada's bottomless pits of despair. Canada really doesn't help people in jail. Marketing for The School Of Loo began with bizarre. Unnecessary prejudice led false accusations to be asserted as fact. Police covered for two liars, and involved an entire country in the process of refusing to correct their mistake. Individuals currently employed by the greater Ontario government (GOG) may be named in international class action lawsuits against Her Majesty following submission of emails to employees of that government. Signing the petition at would certainly look favourable upon them. The bizarre earlier writing allows Rene to forever offer The Choice to each individual to change their mind about their earlier engagement (silent pun). The title of that chapter in this greater never-ending story is "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy". The Choice is able to establish real worldwide peace with an end to all religious arguing about concepts for One God, including that of ISIS, Islam, Christianity--the ones correctly believing Jesus to have been son of man, and the confused lot trying to claim that he was son of only a virgin--and every other unnamed culture. The Choice can be shared by any member of The Talk2dream Team for the same one sustainable worldwide purpose. Rene was present in Taiwan in 2005 when millions of people stood on her roads holding hands in a chain around her showing a united Taiwan. Talk2dream is directly challenging the legal structure of the world. The intent is to unify all nations beyond ability of treaties. The outcome should include Taiwan internationally recognized as its own independent country. Rene began this story absolutely alone. He has given away most of his money simply to be on the news in Taiwan. The video is available at The University Of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, accepted Rene into its Ph.D. program of Applied Psychology. Rene opted not to continue the program in 2003 to venture to Taiwan. Rene has the choice of deleting comments to the petition at or loving them. The poster of a comment is usually notified of reactions. A loving reaction causes reconsideration of its position and therein further shares favour toward the petition with others. It is commonly called "reverse psychology". In this case, it does not matter if sharing is positive or negative but negativity does propagate faster. Keith Bunn has left the comment. He is the first and deserves compliment for it. If Rene deletes the comment, it fuels negativity in the absolute. If Rene loves the comment, its malediction is absolved. There is sincere threat to Rene, not from Rene. There are powerful individuals in authority driving wars on terror for their own political agendas. They are not public. Rene has nothing to hide, and that is the greatest threat to any war on terror. The Mormon Community Of Christ international church was informed Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 2:10 PM the intent is for "plenty of advertisement for a school which [Rene is] sure [he] will have no problem marketing." Contacting the police to have Rene arrested directly contravenes their bible in Matt 5:25, "Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison." The official story had to be changed. The Mormons asserted Rene to have caused fear for her safety. On their accusation alone, Rene was imprisoned into a prison legally defined as such in the annotations to The Criminal Code Of Canada, Barrie courthouse 2014. The problem Canada faces is that Rene was arrested, tried, and convicted without a trial or even any formal charge at all. He was put into a hospital and left to his own devices for escape from the forced injections given him to change his mind about writing his story. Rene lived the most horrible of jokes. The reader is reminded that police first showed up at Rene's residence on 31 Aug. 2012 with warnings of impending arrest if Rene continued. On 1 Sept 2012 two plain clothes detectives, Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong, showed up to begin to paint an open-and-shut case for the crown with defamatory and exceedingly grotesque reports about Rene. On 3 Sept 2012, Rene took The Barrie Police up on their offer for arrest with one final email to the church, and a good healthy amount of other random addresses including the Barrie police. Rene didn't wait for the arrest. He walked up to sergeant Doug Henderson at Johnson's Beach in Barrie, and asked to be arrested. On 3 Sept 2012, Rene took The Barrie Police up on their offer for arrest with one final email to the church, and a good healthy amount of other random addresses including the Barrie police. Rene didn't wait for the arrest. He walked up to Sergeant Doug Henderson at Johnson's Beach in Barrie, and asked to be arrested. Give an ear for 6.66 seconds at 4:20 (4 20-20) to the actual recording of the benign occurrence of 3 Sept. 2012 in response to Doug's question "Why do you want to be arrested", "I just told you; it's a mental (pause) Mensa game of Chess." (.mp3): The City Of Barrie police thought it was a joke for many years. Several otherwise kind-hearted loin-ignited smurflings now face serious reprimand for their actions since the department as a united whole did directly and fraudulently deny Rene honesty the morning of 3 Sept 2012 until this very day. A half-dozen officers came to join the party Doug chirped together on 3 Sept 2012, as if to show us all how much money the Barrie misfits love to waste. A Mr. Evans took blood from Rene despite his stern objection at Royal Victoria Regional Health Care Centre, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. A formal charge was not pressed until 2 March 2013, and then for the allegations preceeding 3 Sept 2012 for which Rene was legally incarcerated (defying, again, The Constitution Act of Canada). Next, Barrie officer Brian Read assisted the Mormons to change the story by insinuating Rene Helmerichs to have been making bombs in the basement of his mother's house while working his ass of for Georgian College. The report is dated 4 Sept 2012. It, as well as more than enough other document substantiating the whole of The Story Of Loo are available in the Links.doc at Thereafter began the horror show that has yet to be fully recounted. Suffice it to say, Rene did manage to have Ms. Chawla remove her Community Treatment Order for forced continuous injections, which she estimated would be needed for at least a year, only weeks after her instituting the order. She did actually bribe Rene to lower a blog of writing about some of what he witnessed at RVH in exchange for removal from the order. Then she tried to wishy-wash her way out of it, but Rene got her anyway on 22 Nov. 2012. It's recorded and transcribed in The Story Of Loo. Rene tried again to have the Mormons held accountable for an earlier infraction of law that has since been seemingly buried. He thought if he took the matter to court, a judge would honestly hear. As it turns out, the whole of the Barrie courthouse is an absolutely sinkhole for public taxes. More than half of the judges and all of the prosecutors and legal aide lawyers should be fired. The courthouse process at Barrie, the actual one not the written one, is a disgrace to every tax payer. When Rene quite earnestly demanded accountability by trying to have psychiatrists Anjana Chawla and Liaqat Ali arrested, the justice of the peace handed Rene his personal copy of the law and wished Rene "Good Luck." He was frank. He shared simply this, "They will never let you through. And, if you submit the material to me here today, you won't be able to use it against them later." Rene owes that man a debt of thanks for his honesty, and his copy of The Criminal Code with key annotations. Every religious temple, church, and mosque is not different than a school since each teaches culture. Talk2dream will never register The Church Of Loo to become a business. The School Of Loo, on the other hand, is to be a model school assisting all nations to establish a moral curriculum that is free of religion but respects one underlying sentience that serves all and freely available to any who choose for it. The School Of Loo cannot exist independent of every nation on earth except within its own legal structure. Vatican City is such a structure within the territory called Italy. In the same way, Talk2dream seeks to establish Ziyon as its own country within Canada. The Canadian Parliament shall ultimately serve the global knowledge-ensuring hub for sustainable scientific advances. News corporations serve an agenda. The agenda is set according to national laws. Sustainable law ensures the safety of the people of each divisive nation. It is illegal for a news agency in Taiwan to portray news incorrectly without either a public statement of correction to the defamed or application of Taiwan law to that agency. Rene ensured the national Taiwan government is well aware of The Story Of Loo. The websites and with an open letter to Her Excellence Ms. Tsai, were written across countless national Taiwan currency. This story was advertised to the Taiwan public on Kaohsiung TV channel 54 by Set TV on 15 Feb 2018. Set TV has since refused to correct its factually illegal portrayal of Rene Helmerichs. Set TV is legally indemnified while it does follow the 15 Feb 2018 TV news story with another story of equal media reach to restore public credibility to Rene. This is easily accomplished. For example, a camera could record Rene handing cards advertising The Talk2dream Business English Club at to parents of students of Sesame Street Kidsland. In time this may yet occur. Any law that any lawyer or police officer claims Rene to break with posts at or elsewhere, the businesses and parties described have also broken. In fact, the businesses about which Rene writes have broken far more, and more serious, laws than Rene. Uncommon knowledge does permit absolute authority to restore credibility to himself, and by direct extension, Talk2dream. The Argument of C-13-205-SR began politely with a discussion about God in 2011 to The Mormon Community Of Christ. As such, The Argument can only end with an agreement made with that first business. Talk2dream aims to unite every religion against the church before this argument is finished. It does not matter if Rene is smart or psychic or retarded. What is written can be undone. The real question facing businesses is "What do we do know?" And the only answer for any sustainable future is: we do together. The Premiere for Ontario, Canada, Kathleen Wynne, announced 2.1 Billion Canadian dollars in new mental health on 21 March 2018. The Story Of Loo reveals the first necessary change is the obligatory option for mental health patients to have their psychiatric sessions, at the very least, audio-recorded should they request it. This also requires that they be continually informed of the choice for recording. This is absolutely required to ensure fair justice in Canada since doctors are currently permitted to imprison individuals for criminal allegations without ever giving the prisoner the option for a trial or any due criminal process whatsoever! Rene Helmerichs notified Premiere Wynne via Twitter and Facebook on 24 March 2018. Will the grandiose, mentally ill (because she is exclusively lesbian) listen, learn, and ACT? Canada is NOT the honest country Taiwan believes. It is a country that advocates for wars on terror and imprisonment without trial. THAT is a nation with slavery as its current primary objective. Talk2dream needs your help to ensure honesty prevails in Canada. Major United States publisher Hay House Inc. denied best selling author Gary Renard the right to publish his third book the way he desired because Gary provided evidence against The United States about the 2011 fall of the World Trade Towers. The Twin Towers were destroyed for direct benefit to The Federal (Fed) Reserve, which is the private corporation that prints all currency for The United States. Five top directors of five different major international banks were leading The Fed. The fear instilled in people and ensuing war thereafter provided private major international banks the ability to authorize the printing of over one trillion U.S. dollars less than 10 years later. To psychopaths, destroying the towers is not different than using Bear Sterns as scapegoat in the same larger, global, private-sector bank-financing plan. Which labourer won more bread for it, exactly? If Rene alone can plan this story 7 years before the general public is made aware of its truly limitless marketing potential, then top Chief Executive Officers can work together to accomplish future unlimited funding for The World Bank on a planet without a truly united worldwide government. These are not facts the media can freely advertise because any one nation cannot stand against the conglomerate of the whole, but one individual can in the making of the can of worms FOR Talk2dream. Rene lost a number of good friends over his campaign to one day reign as legitimate King Of Canada. The Choice Rene continues to make is for the hope of a world without slavery. It is a legal choice made with every action of any individual this story touches. The law defines corporations as living individuals. Let's talk about a sustainable future. A sustainable future does not include cars that run on gasoline or oil-derived products. Nor does it include Gold corporations which pollute the environment with cyanide and other unnecessary pollutants in vain attempt to uphold public belief that real gold cannot simply be made like diamonds in an oven. Gold forms naturally under set conditions in the earth similar to diamonds. Retrieved 25 March 2018 from Forever Companies owns and operates Diamond Nexus, Forever Artisans and 12FIFTEEN Diamonds. Mark Twain once remarked "They didn't know it was impossible... so they did it." We take this to heart every day. Man made diamonds are lab grown. Like a diamond from the earth, they are pure carbon. And they are brilliant. No longer are mined diamonds the only choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry. Eco/ethical concerns, coupled with technology advances, have made alternatives not just acceptable, but preferred. Our patented man made diamonds (sometimes also called lab-created or synthetic) are now, for all practical purposes, identical to mined diamonds in their physical and optical properties. Gold and diamonds form from igneous intrusive rocks. Rene understands how to make real gold. Forever Companies, or any other, can partner with Talk2dream to refine current unadvertised processes for ecologically friendly laboratory production of real gold. The only purpose for Talk2dream to make real gold is to establish The Bank Of Loo for Ziyon if the politics driving kind-hearted Canadians insane does not formally acknowledge the petition at FIRST. This is all touched upon in the Story Of Loo currently at A division of Hay House Inc. is currently reviewing the story for its contents. The public is ready; governments are trepidatious. The School Of Loo: an allegory explaining The Story Of Loo By Rene Helmerichs derived from The Great Bowl in Jon Peniel's "Children Of The Law Of One: the lost teachings of Atlantis", reference given to page 122 in the .pdf at There was a man who died and was being taken to heaven by angels. The angels said to him, "We are going to take you to heaven, but first we will show you hell." The angels then took him to a place where there was a great bowl, so great that it was as big as a lake. The bowl was filled with a nutritious stew. All the way around the sides of this bowl were people. They were starving, miserable, well-dressed fearful people. These people had spoons to eat the stew, and the spoons were long enough to reach the stew (about 12 feet). The trouble was, while they could scoop up the stew into the spoon, they could not get it into their mouths because the spoons were too long. Here were all these competitive people, suffering and moaning in agony, constantly trying to eat the food that was abundantly in front of them--all in vain. Next, the angels took the man to heaven. To his surprise, he saw the same scene! There it was: a giant lake-like bowl of the same family stew, surrounded by people with 12 foot (365.7 cm) long spoons. Yet something here was different. All these people were smiling, happy, healthy, and some even looked Technicolor in a plied coat! "Why? What is the difference here that these people are happy and well fed?" the man said to the angels. They replied, "Have you not eyes to see?" The man looked more carefully, and observed that one person would scoop up the stew, and bring it to the mouth of another. Then someone else would scoop up stew and feed it to the other. The angels smiled and said, "Here the people feed each other. Here are the people that learned the way of Love." Some time passed. The man met a lot of people. Everyone was happy and smiling all the time, it was perfect! But the man was sad. He kept thinking about what he saw in hell, of all THOSE beautiful people. When two angels brought the next person to heaven, he stopped one to ask "Why are some people here and other people over there? What decides?" The angel replied, "Ah, do you not know that heaven and hell both exist forever?" The man thought about that. "Yes, I guess that they do." he answered. The angel continued, "There is only one forever." The man was confused, "So we have to stay forever in one place and never in the other?" The angel laughed, "Forever does not mean for ever with limit. Everything exists together for, and of, a singular state that makes them both possible forever with real-time. You only see them in pieces to understand true peace cannot exist without all of its parts." The man thought "Why am I here?" It was new the way an idea offered an answer. "You are only here because you like it here, and they are there because your joy scares them. Fear is like a ball attached to the leg with a chain. Perfect love knows not fear. Fear seeks to stop understanding to stop ideas from changing self. You believe food is love and the people in hell cannot eat. The people in hell believe in The Best and want to be the first ones to figure out how to own the stew to sell for glory. So they do senseless things and act in senseless ways, and make senseless groups to feel like they are not alone in the dream you dream." The man looked at the angel and asked, "What do you mean by the dream I dream?" The angel thought. "It was not me who gave that. We only share ideas about heaven and hell. Heaven, for me, is not your heaven. Here you are LIKE asleep. You come here to learn to listen and do. I am learning to listen and share. In that way we are both asleep. The difference is time. Eternity means there is no time. We experience time differently." It hurt the man to hear that, but he understood. His understanding gave him wisdom. The man suddenly thought "Angels are in heaven and in hell and not the people that make the freewill choice to stay there. Freewill is the desire to be NOT loving! LIFE IS loving, it is not about going to heaven or hell!" He asked, "Angel, where do you come from if I am in heaven here?" The angel stayed quiet. "If I am here and you both are there, and I am in heaven and in hell and not in both, where are we really when we are not willing to work together?" The man fell down in tears. He had learned the ways of love, but he did not see love in hell. He asked the angel, "Is it ok if I visit the west to teach them love?" A beautiful song of loving encouragement and support filled the dark sky. He couldn't see who was singing! The man asked the angel, "How are these spoons here?" The angel answer, "We make them in a factory here in The East. Everyone gets only what they need. Everyone gets only one." The man thought about that. He asked, "Can you take my spoon and make twelve spoons one foot long from it?" The angel thought about what the man was asking. The angel couldn't disagree with the wish of another in heaven. The angel returned with 12 smaller spoons. The man asked, "Please take me to The West." He saw many groups of well-dressed people. They were hungry and starving but they were in eternity forever. They couldn't die. Some people got so used to being hungry that they forgot they even needed to eat! The man walked to a small group wearing coats. The pied coats were not as bright as those on the east side of the bowl. You will never believe what that man did! The man started talking in pictures. He said things like, "It is easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle, than to enter the gate of heaven" and "A log about to hit a man between the eyes is like a giant sun that looks like a tiny light in the sky at night." People were curious about the man. They were curious about the things he said. He talked about ideas that were new and old at the same time. The man called it speaking with living words. People learned about real time. The man asked, "Who is ready to learn the way of love?" A few people in hell decided to try. They tried something previously not thought. The man said, "You already know where you are. Now see where you could be." They gave their long spoon. He gave them each a smaller one. The people with small spoons could not reach the bowl. "Faith is the name of true magic," said the man. The well-dressed people laughed at the little spoons. They did not know how to eat with long spoons. They also did not want to help each other. But they loved to laugh at strange new ideas. At least they were laughing. Next, people watched as the man used a spoon to eat from the long spoons of the well-dressed people! The laughter quickly changed to astonishment. The people with long spoons did not know how to share. The people with short spoons now had no choice. They took as much food as they needed. The well-dressed people wanted to complain. The angels watched in amazement. No one could complain because no one had been eating the stew. Eating the stew with little spoons from big spoons was new! That man took one spoon and ate from the spoons of everyone! He traded 11 smaller spoons for 11 big spoons. Not every one can have a short spoon in hell. Then the angel took him back to the naked people in heaven. Slowly, suits are traded for pied Technicolor dream coats. People can teach love with any size of spoon. The people with long spoons are lucky when they learn the way of love in hell. Lucifer returns to hell every once in a while to remind people. Columbia University School Of Medicine professors defined "lucifer" as "light-bearer" in their 7-year project A Course In Miracles. We understand any pure light to be so blinding that it can only be perceived as absolute darkness, or, blinding. It was the spirit of Lucifer, those professors wrote, that dictated the book to them. From ACIM, page 585: The Hero Of The Dream (partial; ACIM Text, Chapter 27.VIII.1-3) The body is the central figure in the dreaming of the world. There is no dream without it, nor does it exist without the dream in which it acts as if it were a person to be seen and be believed. It takes the central place in every dream, which tells the story of how it was made by other bodies, born into the world outside the body, lives a little while and dies, to be united in the dust with other bodies dying like itself. In the brief time allotted it to live, it seeks for other bodies as its friends and enemies. Its safety is its main concern. Its comfort is its guiding rule. It tries to look for pleasure, and avoid the things that would be hurtful. Above all, it tries to teach itself its pains and joys are different and can be told apart. The dreaming of the world takes many forms, because the body seeks in many ways to prove it is autonomous and real. It puts things on itself that it has bought with little metal discs or paper strips the world proclaims as valuable and real. It works to get them, doing senseless things, and tosses them away for senseless things it does not need and does not even want. It hires other bodies, that they may protect it and collect more senseless things that it can call its own. It looks about for special bodies that can share its dream. Sometimes it dreams it is a conqueror of bodies weaker than itself. But in some phases of the dream, it is the slave of bodies that would hurt and torture it. The body's serial adventures, from the time of birth to dying are the theme of every dream the world has ever had. The "hero" of this dream will never change, nor will its purpose. Though the dream itself takes many forms, and seems to show a great variety of places and events wherein its "hero" finds itself, the dream has but one purpose, taught in many ways. This single lesson does it try to teach again, and still again, and yet once more; that it is cause and not effect. And you are its effect, and cannot be its cause. The united voice of angels continues to inform but not speak to every past, present, and future version of Lucifer for being of the single sentience sustaining all dimensions of time and space. It gives only this: As long as all remains by agreement in real-time that none may forever remain out of accord with itself, 'your God is our God is Allah and all ideas for eternity that all may know the process of life on earth is not the game of becoming God of Heaven and Earth.' AND The School Of Loo shall be made anew each time governments destroy that of which Jon Peniel wrote to ensure a fully public entity free of legal inconsistency to certify True Teachers of A Course In Miracles for all nations of the world. If we adhere the fundamental law of One, constancy as same-applied consistency of wishes for harm to none, all future occurrences need not appear as cardiac arresting shotgun blasts to obstinate Wynns or Whines hullish Kats want for furtherance of holy--filled with holes--boyish dyke contracts. The past IS undone with accepting forgiveness in the present to amend fates yet unimaged. The corrected spelling is "wholey" in The Rene-wed World bible. Heaven on Earth Consider for a moment what Jesus or the true prophet Mohamed could have done at a keyboard and ask yourselves (all parts of your divided minds containing every inconsistent personal whim) the likelihood of future book-burnings given the digitization of a global information-sharing network. The biblical "Our Father's mansion has many rooms" is a direct reference to countless realities. Please revisit for the start of an alternate universe, since every choice any of us believes not to have made does elicit the making of an alternate reality further diving infinity. Percent occurrence of that reality is, however, minimal for the gross fear displayed by Kidsland management in advance of its proposal. Rene knows this to be true because he has experienced it in one of over 20,000 recalled dreams of night used to educate each of our minds while our avatars rest. "Top 10 MOST Awesome Sinkholes Caught on Camera" Note to selves: add Cayce's reference to pyramids built 11,000 BC, our lost ability to "manipulate rock the way we do mental today", and either his or Peniel's reference to having needed to make tunnels spanning the width of the North American continent for our submergible flying crafts to avoid the "beasts of the air" at the link to the mysterious sinkholes ^. Legend says a pyramid in the Yucatan was built by a magician overnight. Peniel gave that over 20 different alien species had already visited the earth in the time of the last Christ. Review included section "Seth Session On Sound" and the building of The Great Pyramids. "Magic is not magic to a magician." -Westworld Movie The only real thing precluding negatively oriented judgement in writings from a reputable teacher was insidious inclusion of the word fuck. We all use it. We just don't all admit it in print. Nothing mattered more, except perhaps capitalization of the word Me for which chief prosecutor Kathryn Hull did laughably attempt to find fault at one bail hearing in Barrie. The charge in Canada for Criminal Harassment, which was what the church told the police who told the lawyers and doctors who told the judge for C-13-205-SR at Barrie in June of 2014 that Rene was doing, requires "fear for safety." Lawyers for the church knew this. And yet, is one who demonstrates the strength to walk between veils of time with perfect love possibly with any wish to bestow fear at all? THIS is the Magic Act Of 2018, by The Talk2dream Team. To TWITTER: why block it? Wrong side. New to the story? Stay up-to-date at with current work to be continued at and The Story Of Loo in Chinese at KATHLEEN WYNNE AND ALL LAWYERS: Included in The Story Of Loo is an accurate working definition for mind. Lawyers will forever leave a hole "large enough to drive a truck through" without defining every word IN their books. And offering ministers for ONE GOD immunity IN a law book is equal nonsense since The Story Of Loo clearly shows a minister to have lied under oat at point blank range before a corrupt judge, Gregory Mulligan in the June 2014 trial for C-13-205-SR at Barrie. Do do your homework and make sure the territory for which you are responsible returns to honesty before I gain enough publicity to truly begin your mental health awareness with a prolonged stay for you IN one of the many whore houses you plan to spruce up. TO CANADA: The current system of law doesn't work. It wastes time and effort and energy not to mention money and taxes and the precious moments that could be shared with family instead of working for the waste. If a courtroom only acknowledges one side of a story, why even bother showing a trial to occur? And at a trial, why is the jury not permitted to ask questions? AT EVERY TRIAL BOTH PARTIES ARE PUT ON THE STAND. You cannot presume that the crown is defaulted a victory like The House reaps rewards in a Casino. This isn't a game of Russian Roulette, except, well, it sort of now is. This has nothing to do with Rene Helmerichs any longer. From here on out, this is all about worldwide politics. The phrase "witch-doctor": Applying the legal definition to the charge of Pretending To Practice Witchcraft in The Criminal Code Of Canada to the actions of pill-pushing, mentally raping, rights-dening psychiatrists is not unlike Matt Damon establishing himself as the first earthling Space Pirate. The Talk2dream Team does seek to end the pharmacological charade with global promotion of Ziyon. We are calling for partners to establish The Bank Of Loo in a workable project to make REAL GOLD. Notes In a world that is forever going to change, what is there truly real if true means to exist eternally without change? Does it then really matter that NASA representatives admit we have yet to land on the moon? "Nasa admits we never went to the moon": For real understanding of Mind revisit the Flatland cartoon movie: For REAL understanding of LIFE, the only game you'll ever need is at: Written and posted 24-27 March 2018. (.doc) (superseding; printable) (blog) (petition) Story Of Loo for clarification of "smurfling" and "4 20-20": Continued in Chinese at

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