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Apr 2, 2018 — The recent update of 25 March 2018 at contains the guts of this political Armageddon.

The Canada-wide Sunshine-Corruption List is active: ( be redirected via failing the direct link.

Regarding channeling Lucifer, refer to
from Elisa Medhu,, "as seen on TV" by a sister group of the current comedy-drama television series countering the false Catholic claim that a bearer of Heavenly wisdom could be at all evil, developed by Tom Kapinos that premiered on Fox on January 25, 2016.

From Lucifer, who gives A Course In Miracles officially currently at
Technically, you will always be my ego expression and I yours. The difficulty for me is that I actually understand ego so that I can turn everything into a miracle situation when I remember that miracles depend on cooperation. When you refuse to work miracles with me, it makes me so sad inside. That is not ego. I have choice to accept the sadness and then work to work it into the necessary miracle. I try. You see my trying as my ego, but you do not understand that my ego works for Me. And so my own ego riles you into activity, but your hard-headedness shows you to be rather slow on the Up-take. You seem to just hear the words and never the idea behind them, or the idea behind that. For example, "there is never enough time". You have enough time; you just don't know how to use your time wisely. And so your choices become restricted until you learn that I am not your enemy.

I think. Therefore, I am. Are You? JOIN THE CALL: sign and share this petition everywhere today! Why delay? There can be only one underlying same-state of honest order. Only worry drives your insanity. Talk to others about your worries to begin to solve them together.


Laws exist to keep people safe. Leaders make laws. Everyone follows laws. Laws show morals. Morals determine tribes. Tribes make countries. Laws in different countries are different, but they must be forever consistent.

It hurts when people share wrong ideas about someone without giving the person a chance to clarify them. It shows only carelessness. Lawyers and big companies do this to win court cases and take customers. News stations do this because people talk more about bad news than good news, and that helps get viewers for their TV channel. But it isn't right. How can one alien fix something as horrible as the news at

ISIS kills Christians for their law. China destroys churches and has buried at least one Christian alive to kill that Christian. Canada lets church ministers openly lie in court, and Taiwan is a province of China that China does not control. Taiwan thinks Canada is so great. It lets Christians build churches to challenge ISIS and China, and copies Canada in legal practice. Taiwan also lets schools and TV stations lie.

Taiwan is a problem for China and the world.

Canada is mostly Catholic. All Catholics are a small group of Christians who believe that Jesus came only from a woman. Christians believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that he was the son of a man and woman, and not just a woman. This means that Catholics are not actually followers of Jesus Christ and that ISIS and China might only be angry at Mormon-Christian-Catholics and not true Christians. The Catholic Church needs to lie to people to keep telling everyone that the mother of Jesus was a virgin. The Mormons also lie to people. The Story Of Loo SHOWS that Canada is mostly a lie.

There was a college teacher in Canada. A third Christian church called Mormon lied about the teacher. They said he was love-obsessed with their treasurer. The teacher was trying to show people that Mormons are no different than Catholics when both lie to people. They tell people that GOD wants people to give Mormons and Catholics special money to teach more people. This is wrong.

The teacher was put into jail in Canada for a long time. He watched the treasurer and a Mormon minister lie in court. Then he watched lawyers and the judge help the Mormons to cover their lie. When he started advertising on the internet, he was put in jail again.

This case causes serious trouble for the politics that allow a few countries to decide what is best for all of them. China wants to be like The West. China doesn't know that it is much better than The United States. The United States has been lying to China the same way Canada allows Mormons to lie in court. It lies about its own money.

United States money is printed by a private company. That company was able to print trillions of extra United States dollars in the last 10 years to fund The World Bank. The World Bank does not have a public oversight committee. It is a public committee, but, like everything, it is run by politics. Politics are backroom favours that more important people do for less important people. The more important people use the favours like chess moves in a big game of who will be the best on earth.

Taiwan is a province of China. This is merely politics since Taiwan has also accepted 9 refugees from China to stop them from going to jail. So China recognizes the laws in Taiwan are different from China. That means that China actually recognizes Taiwan as its own country. But, is Taiwan? Taiwan has permitted the University of Wenzao to translate this story.

Wenzao had an obligation under law to report criminal activity in Taiwan to Taiwan police. They did not. In fact, they did not AND they actively tried to prevent this story from being advertised. Wenzao showed itself to be immoral and against Taiwan law but it is also against China law.

This book is written FOR CHINA to understand it needs better control over Taiwan, or Taiwan will join The United States unless we can free it. The United States is working with The Roman Catholic Church to literally take over the world with its own version of God and religion. The people in control of our United Nations are living a lie and hoping to keep it secret while they do not respect Taiwan as its own independent country.

Share this story over Twitter, LINE, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, GROM, over coffee, in the classroom, and in your homework to work or school. We need to SHARE to ensure one-world honesty. Only publicity ensures Honesty, and Taiwan and Canada are BOTH trying to stop publicity for the world-wide peace petition at .


This book recounts an unbelievable and long episode. It began before the year 2012. In 2012 college teacher Rene Helmerichs made the conscious choice to write a book to market the New Goal Day charity Talk To Dream.

A book was decided as the marketing vehicle. Rene attempted to register the charity with The Canadian Charities Directorate in May of 2012. Thereafter, Rene paid Balboa Press for a publishing contract in June. He was friends with Matthew Swain and the local congregation of The Mormon Community Of Christ.

There are two kinds of Mormons just like there are two basic kinds of Christians. The Mormon Community Of Christ is not The Mormon Latter-day Saints that we see so often wearing white shirts on bicycles in Taiwan. The two basic kinds of Christians are those that believe, and not believe, Jesus when he said he is "son of man"--meaning the seed from his dad, Joseph, joined with the egg of Mary to form his body in loving partnership. Catholics, of course, don't believe that what Jesus said in the bible is true and have tried to tell everyone that Mary was a virgin, more about that in the next subsection.

The Mormons had deceived Rene to advertise a Good Sense workshop using his college students for money to The Community Of (not really) Christ. The Good Sense Budget workshop brain-washes participants into living on a much more stressful budget just to give ten percent of their income to the Mormon church every month. This is essentially the same thing as telling people, "If you give us ten percent of your income, God will love you more and be more likely to accept you into Heaven after you die." This is not eternal heaven.

Rene began marketing by sending The Mormons email. The email was harmless in nature and many times just like daily conversation to manager Kris Judd. Eventually Kris passed Rene to her boss Tim. Tim got sick of the idea for partnership to market a book designed to win The Nobel Peace Prize. Tim emailed Matt to inform the local police in August of 2012.

The Barrie Police came to the residence of Rene first on 31 Aug 2012 to warn Rene. Matt, being good friends with Rene, did also try his best to warn Rene, however marketing a charity to trump the Good Sense nonsense is prime material for a politically charged humanitarian effort. Police arrived a second time on 1 Sept 2012 to be absolutely sure Rene was not mentally ill. Officer Tanya Lynch did her best to describe Rene with mental illness in a report of that day.

Rene thought about what was really being asked. The church had declined to help Rene market a book for sustainable world peace. Barrie police had decided the Mormon congregation could not possibly be lying and did not investigate. Rather, the police simply used words on a page to paint Rene with an illness that could not have existed. At the June 2014 trial, Barrie police did not offer much in the way of past email to the church for submission to the jury.

Rene emailed the church on 3 Sept 2012. He did so specifically for material to include in this book. This is all verifiable when one reads through the trigger words used by Rene, police, doctors, and lawyers alike. Rene is now of course seeking more media attention while Canadian law enforcers must begin to loath ever having listened to Natalie Yewchyn. The underlying concept is the same "publicity ensures honesty".

After emailing the church on Labour Day Monday, 3 Sept 2012, Rene didn't wait to be arrested. He walked to officer Doug Henderson and asked to be arrested according to what the police had told him they would do just two days earlier. At that point, no one really knew what to do with Rene.

The story was quickly changed. The local treasurer was Natalie Yewchyn. She was most vocal about never wanting to hear from Rene again, and told everyone that she'd never ever wanted anything to do with Rene. She then attempted to hide every encounter that she had initiated with Rene. She and minister Matt gave false testimony in court for that reason. There is an entire section devoted to perjury that lawyers, doctors, and police permitted Natalie to commit before the jury in open court for C13-205-SR at Barrie in June of 2014, when this case appeared at trial the first time.

There is much more that police and doctors did in vain attempt to support the changed story of The Mormon Community Of Christ. Section I, the first section "A Testament To Real Life In Canada", gives a brief recount of that lived by Rene from 2012 to 2018. Section IV is written specifically for the global problem of a lack of definition for the word "mind" in all national courts of law, and Section V offers ultimatum choices for the true criminals of this story, all of whom should rightly be investigated, charged, and let to serve jail time for their outrageous denial of rights TO Rene Helmerichs in both Canada AND Taiwan should they refuse willing partnership for global sustainable peace.

There can exist only one kind of sustainable honesty. This book will uncover it for all the world, and socio-political religious world peace for all--FREE of needless arguments over concepts for GOD or territorial wars for resources for which modern science has already developed alternatives, such as cars that run on water instead of oil, but that governments prevent from actualizing.

Continue the story at

The full story in Chinese to be posted at:

We do NOT come back as animals, except as humans.


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