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Nanette was Craig's assistant and had been working with him for many years from her home in North Carolina, updating the website and blog, and communicating with everyone who reached out to her regarding Caboodle Ranch. She drove to Caboodle Ranch on a monthly basis to assist him, hands-on, in his care for the Caboodle cats. She recently relocated and moved into a home on Caboodle property.
Her story is as in- just as his, and she needs help. This is ridiculous and has to stop! Is anybody listening? Read her own words below and PLEASE SIGN!

For anyone wanting to donate funds to help's her address:

Nanette Entriken~P. O. Box 571~Lee, Florida~32059

"I’m not sure where to begin, because every day has been a nightmare for me. After reeling from what PETA and the ASPCA did to the Caboodle Ranch, I was told that my own family cats would be taken as well because they were on Craig’s property. I practically fainted at the words. Then I was “assured” both by the Sheriff’s dept. and ASPCA that ‘we won’t take your cats’ and “you didn’t do anything wrong’. Somewhat comforted by their words, a mere 2 days went by when I was woken by pounding on my door at 8am, still in bed, still in my night gown, when the sheriff’s officers came in with a search warrant and authority to seize my family cats. They said I had to leave my home while they did this. My sister was with me and we stood there in shock in our night gowns demanding “WHY?!” and all we got was “because we have a warrant that says so.
Numb and in shock we put clothes on and left my house. A house that I have barely moved into 2 weeks ago, from North Carolina. We drove like zombies to a parking lot and I fell apart. My cats were just waking up, playing, and eating their crunchers, perfectly happy and content when these strangers came in to take them away. When we came back several hours later, I collapsed on the floor. I could not stop crying. I kept seeing all their sweet trusting faces and now there was nothingness, emptiness and loss. There was no one to call, no one to help me.
My friend Jan came to be with me as well for support and to try and sort thing out. We called TV stations, newspapers etc. Some posted our story some not. None made a difference. Yesterday was the hearing for Caboodle Ranch where we were going to demand the return of the cats and property seized. We had to post pone it because the prosecutor had just then supplied the attorney with the affidavit that supports the warrant for Craig’s charges. I was told by the caboodle attorney (who does not represent me) that I had to go to the Sheriff’s dept. to demand my cats and laptop back.
My sister and I did so and were met by the lieutenant and the state’s attorney. The state attorney was extremely angry with me for some reason and told me “You are not getting your cats back for a very long time, they are state evidence!” I was shocked and said that they were my personal family pets! But she refused to hear me and demanded we leave and never come back. I have records from my own vet in North Carolina with their names on it and my NC address proving they are MINE.
I collapsed again outside in my sisters arms. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep or concentrate. They keep telling me “you’ve done nothing wrong” and I haven’t been charged with anything, yet they are allowed to destroy my only joy in life and take them away and never say anything to me about them. Now I need an attorney. I need someone to fight for me and get my family of cats home to me where they belong. Never in all my life would I have thought anyone in any county could do this to someone just because they feel like it. To see my name on a search warrant was devastating enough, I hadn’t even been in the state for 2 weeks when all this happened so how is this possible? No one will answer me. And to take away the very reason I have any joy at all away from me…
If anyone can help me, I need a lawyer who will bring my cats back to me immediately. One who can either work pro bono or allow me to make payments. I am pleading with everyone. This is so wrong and can happen to anyone. The only reason they took my precious cats is because I worked for Caboodle Ranch, from out of state no less. There is NO other reason…."
Nanette Entriken



I have been asked for an update on my situation with my cats being taken. First off, I have to thank the hundreds of people that have signed the petitions to support me and all the information you have shared to try and help me. I can’t even find the words to thank you all properly, but that your support sustains me and gets me through each day. Each day, I am keeping as busy as possible, working on my house etc because the very moment I stop I am literally doubled over in heartsick pain for my cat family. I am still unable to sleep at night or eat, other than enough to sustain life. At night I hear their moews,, and when I close my eyes all their faces come to me. They need me. They did not deserve to be taken from their cat beds that morning and chased around the house and put into cages to live, for what is now, today , 2 weeks.


The state attorney is STILL saying they are “state evidence”, when I have provided them with my veterinary records from North Carolina, photographs of all of them in my home in NC, etc. The Sherriff of Madison is suing me now. Yes. I was served Monday with a civil suit! I have now been in this state and county for just shy of 4 weeks and I am being sued by a man I never met. It says: Sherriff Benjamin Stewart VS Caboodle Ranch, Craig Grant AND Nanette Entriken. My knees went weak. How can this be happening? Who do these people think they are? He states that “Mrs. Entriken is unable and unfit to care for the cats”. So what this tells me, is that ANYONE, ANYWHERE can sue you for ANYTHING whether they know you or not. Pathetic. And this is America?


And another pathetic thought, if I had an emergency at my new home, the very people I should be able to call and trust to help me, I would never call. They are the ones that destroyed my joy and lied bold faced to me daily with “you’ve done nothing wrong, we won’t take your cats” and “this is just a legality, your cats will come home right away”. Yeah, trust is earned people and they are the furthest thing from trustworthy.


My lawyer is fighting for me. She said people can fax her office support of me and/or character references asap. It will be more evidence to get my cats home. I appreciate anyone that will do this right away. Here is her info:


Janet Johnson 


FAX: 904-634-0454 


On how I am doing? I honestly don’t think I can describe it. I go from feeling encouraged to feeling hopeless and alone. From feeling a grief so deep to feeling like a robot. But I do know this; I will not give up. This can happen to anyone. And I feel in my heart, my cats are coming home to me where they belong. My sister has been staying with me as often as she can to help support me and get thru these empty days. It has helped so much but the moment she leaves….


All I wanted to do, was try and be courageous and make a fresh start. Separating from my husband of 23 years on Valentines day was hard enough (which by the way he is just as devastated about what has happened). I was so hopeful and excited to be able to finally be at the ranch physically to work with the cats that I have grown to love over the last 5 + years. “Follow your bliss” people say, “pursue what brings you joy”. Well I did and I was proud of myself. I never would have thought that just days after finally getting water and power to my home, 6 people would come into my home to ‘document and photograph’ my cats ‘just in case’. Then 2 days after that, after being verbally assured that no one would take them, they took them, working on my fear and vulnerability, standing there in my nightgown at 8am. Leaving me to come home to a shell of a house, with their cat toys everywhere and their empty beds and untouched food and water bowls.


I haven’t moved their toys, and I freshen up their food and water bowls everyday in hopes that they will come through my door any minute. I put several of their favorite toys under my pillow at night hoping to somehow bring me closer to them. I think of Piper, my big white cat that never stops purring, he will be 13. I think of lil Elizabeth and Bella that are still only 8 months old. I think of Coal, my heart, and how he can make me laugh all day. And my scardy cats that no one would adopt because they were skittish, and yet, they play and run and with the rest of the crew. What gave them or anyone the right to take them away from their happy home. A home they will have a new outdoor enclosure to play in, a home that has an entire room dedicated to a ‘kitty rompa room’, a home where their bowl are always full and they get moist food twice a day. A home where I am trained to give meds and IV fluids and know more than the doc sometimes. I AM a fit and able cat mom, and anyone who knows me knows that as fact. 


So that’s where it stands today, 2 weeks later. I pray another 2 weeks will not go by without them. Please pray for my cats to come home. And pray for the caboodles to come home too. My friend Jan posted a 60 YouTube I made of the ranch ‘after’. Its heartbreaking….Help us stop this deplorable misuse of authority and so called power. Do anything you can. Call the Governor of Florida, post your support everywhere. A lot of you have asked for a mailing address for me to send support or help in attorney costs. I have posted that below, and it warms my heart to the core to know people want to help. You can even make the check to Janet Johnson to know where its going. Otherwise Walmart cards help to get stocked up in cat food for my babies return. 


Thank you all, from every fiber of my being, you are all sustaining my faith.




Nanette Entriken 

P.O. Box 571 

Lee, FL 32059


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