Save the Clemson - South Carolina Football Tradition!

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Problem: The 111th consecutive meeting of Clemson and the University of South Carolina has been canceled, but not by anyone in South Carolina.

Solution: Clemson and South Carolina lobbied for the game, our university presidents voted for it, the coaches want to play, the players want to play, the fans are petitioning, Darius Rucker is down, Lindsey Graham said we should play, so let us play.

This game has been played annually without skipping a beat since 1909. Previous generations played through the Spanish Flu pandemic, WW1, the Great Depression, WW2, Vietnam, and more recently 9/11. Many South Carolinians grew up with this being the highlight of our year, bragging rights, and a sense of pride.

The streak is important, I dare say sacred. If we let it die, what does that say about us? My great grandfather's brother was Stumpy Banks and he was the starting running back and captain of Clemson's football team in 1918. In the middle of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 he played half the season, entered the Army while WW1 was raging, and then came back to captain Clemson again for the 1919 season to play against South Carolina one last time before graduating.

I suggest we come together and solve this before it's too late. We are two proud universities, in two different conferences, but we have always shared the same state. Let's not be the generation that allows out-of-state schools to cast a vote and then tell us, "there's always next year." Our Clemson and South Carolina football tradition predates either of our respective conferences by over two decades. We should be the ones to decide whether or not we want to keep it going.

This is undoubtedly the most important year ever in our 111 year old South Carolina tradition. Please sign our petition and share it so we don't throw away our shot to save it.