Help Waive Vaccine Patents to Help India Combat COVID-19

Help Waive Vaccine Patents to Help India Combat COVID-19

April 27, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ishani Ghosh

India is currently amidst its second wave of COVID-19 and people all over the nation are losing relatives and their own lives.

Cremation grounds are being filled and instead empty land plots are being used to burn the dead bodies. Some reported that the steel pyres on which the bodies are placed are melting due to the constant use. Family members are unable to perform the last rights for their passed relatives. 

People of various ages from 5 to 90 are dying in lines waiting to get access to oxygen. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for ten people to be hooked up to one oxygen tank all at the same time. Due to the wide impact of the virus, families are traveling miles upon miles to get to one empty hospital bed for their sick family members.

With a population of 1.3 Billion people India has vaccinated 2% of its population so far. In order for India to be able to vaccinate 70% of its population it needs 1.8B doses of the vaccine. That would mean 600M doses per month. Whereas the current production rate is less than a sixth of that.

However this rate can be increased by 3-4 times if the American government and companies temporarily waive the intellectual property rights, patents, and copyrights  regarding the COVID vaccine. Doing this would not only assist India but would help it supply vaccines to more than 90 countries worldwide. This is imperative because in order to escape the perpetual cycle of variants outracing the current vaccines, all of humanity needs to be vaccinated as quickly as possible. 

As a student with roots in India it is heartbreaking to hear about the devastation that is crippling India. So I urge you to: sign this petition, reach out to your local representatives and spread awareness about this cause.

The virus does not limit itself to national, religious, racial, ethnic, political, or other identitarian borders. A threat to one country, is a threat to all. 

Call your Senators of NJ:

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Signatures: 230Next Goal: 500
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