Help us stop Fufeng in ND

Help us stop Fufeng in ND

July 7, 2022
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Started by Jason Pierce


The city of Grand Forks, ND has a national security nightmare on their hands. The city council, without the knowledge of the citizens, has been working a deal to build a corn wet milling plant with a company from China called Fufeng Group, for about 2 years.

Once the city caught wind of it at the beginning of this year, the citizens of the city began a petition drive to force it to a city vote. The petition required 3,600 signatures and we turned in 5,300 signatures in less than 3 weeks! The City Auditor denied the petition based on unlawful technicalities that were brought up by the City Attorney (who actually hired Police Detectives to contact people who had signed the petition!)

Fufeng Group has now moved ahead with purchasing 370 acres of premium farmland 13 miles from the Grand Forks Air Force Base, which performs Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance and is a select handful of bases which fly the RQ4 Global Hawk Drones. Our AFB is also in the process of adding a Space Force to this base.

The land, normally selling for approximately $5,000 an acre has apparently now been sold to China for $26,000 an acre with a 20 year tax incentive (90% tax free for 10 years and 75% tax free for the next 10 years.) They have also offered Fufeng the use of our Federal Covid Relief monies and our ND Legacy Funds to build a natural gas pipeline for this plant to come here.

Our Senators, John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer are staying pretty silent. Despite multiple requests, to visit our city, they continue to decline. Our Governor, Doug Bergum, is totally in agreement with this, but will not respond to the citizens. We believe he is the driver of this, which is also being pushed by his friend Bill Gates, who he sold billions of dollars of software to many years ago.

The citizens have worked hard to push for Federal involvement with a CFIUS review. The city states they are having their own third party review as CFIUS is not necessary. This is just now being discussed in Washington, with Senator Cotton bringing it to light.

The FBI did come to the city and held a meeting with the city administration, who then told us that “the FBI has no concerns.” Since the City Attorney and the City Auditor rejected the petitions, the citizens have now filed a lawsuit to reverse the decision on the petitions - and this is just to get it to a vote!!

The city has hired a law firm to represent them and prevent this from going to a vote of the community (population about 55,000). The city has also moved forward with forced annexation of land and businesses in the area where Fufeng will need roads and rail to transport their product. One business in particular will have their taxes increased by 835%, and Fufeng will be essentially tax free for 20 years! And, the citizens of the community are responsible for the cost of the infrastructure and the new water treatment plant for this CCP Company!

This plant will use as much water as the entire city uses on a daily basis! They will also use 5 1/2 times the amount of natural gas the city uses in a day! The same plants in China receive fines (of course, very small) every year for their pollution, and the Fufeng CEO, Mr. Eric Chutorash, who ran a corn milling plant in California, which was shut down is now bringing that corn milling equipment from California to Grand Forks and storing it in warehouses, despite their statements that this plant will be the best with the newest and highest technology to control pollution! The equipment is 18 years old!

This project is rife with conflicts of interest, collusion and fraud with our local, state and federal representatives as well as our city administration (our Council President heads up the Chinese into Aerospace Program at our local University, by the way, and most others on the council or other committees are builders, architects, electrical companies, realtors, etc, with friends, spouses and family members on different committees. One of the land sellers also owns a local construction company and is set to get the building contract!

We have had the New York Times here to attend a council meeting and talk with the council and the community and CNBC was here just today. We now have heard a few days ago that Bill Gates has purchased 2,100 acres of premium farmland in nearby Walsh and Pembina Counties!

I am truly pleading for your help to intervene in this. It is a runaway train that is not going to stop! The city council is insistent on continuing the project, despite the opposition of the people of the city. We need some urgent intervention! Thank you for your consideration to help us in any way possible or refer us to an entity that can help to intervene. We have 4 council members making a deal with Communist China that will have National, if not Global repercussions. We just don’t know what else to do to stop this. Please help us! Our pleas fall on deaf ears. We would be forever grateful. Thank you

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Signatures: 433Next Goal: 500
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