Help us return home Azov defender Yaroslav “Makhach” Briginets!

Help us return home Azov defender Yaroslav “Makhach” Briginets!

5 июля 2022 г.
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While expressing our gratitude for the daily struggle for the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and its pro-european vector of development, we appeal to the President of Ukraine as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine, to the government executive authorities of Ukraine, as well as to the UN Secretary General, the International Committee of the Red Cross, international organisations, the public.

Russia does not adhere to the requirements of international acts of warfare, including the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War and completely violates human rights by its actions. Prisoners in Russia are tortured, starved, beaten, maimed. There is also an information that prisoners of war from Ukraine might be sentenced to the highest measure of punishment - the death penalty. This is clearly unfair and violates the democratic and social norms of the civilised world.

Yaroslav Alexandrovich Briginets (date of birth 05/01/2001, Azov regiment, military unit 3057, call sign Makhach), has been in Russian captivity since April 2022.

His colleagues have information that Yaroslav Briginets did not die, and although he had the status of a missing person, we know that he is alive in Russian captivity. Therefore, information about Yaroslav Briginets should be included in the lists of the exchange of prisoners of war.

Communication with The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and other state institutions of Ukraine regarding the list of persons in captivity is carried out by relatives of persons captured by the enemy. Yaroslav Briginets is an orphan. Unfortunately, he has no relatives who could lobby for his return home at all levels of interaction between the state of Ukraine and the aggressor country.

Yaroslav Briginets gained the love of the Ukrainian people by making videos on TikTok in between heavy fighting in Mariupol. He was raising the morale of the whole country. Our common duty, the duty of every Ukrainian, is to make efforts to return Yaroslav Briginets to Ukraine, home.

We call upon:

  • The national institutions of Ukraine to include Yaroslav Briginets in the list of persons in Russian captivity and take effective measures to ensure the exchange and return him to Ukraine, home.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross to include Yaroslav Briginets among the persons in captivity, take measures to establish his actual location and facilitate the exchange;
    The UN Secretary General to call once again for an exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia in compliance with all international rules;
  • The international organizations to call on Russia and organizations controlled by it to follow the international humanitarian law and prevent punitive and demonstrative actions against prisoners of war.
  • Wives, fathers, mothers and children are waiting for the return home of those who were captured. The story of every prisoner of war is a tragedy and pain for everyone.

Only public outcry can help return Yaroslav Briginets home to Ukraine. This is why  we created this petition so that as many people as possible can get to know about the story of Yaroslav Briginets and the world community could support Ukraine and help to facilitate the exchange of prisoners in the shortest possible time.

Yaroslav Briginets is an orphan and lobbying his interests is the duty of each of his fellow citizens.

Please sign our petition. 

Подписей: 257 456Следующая цель: 300 000