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"Help us fight for our right". - Dogs.

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"Dont we have a right to live in peace?". We are kicked, strangled, hit with sticks, thrown acid on, firecrackers in our mouth and tied to our tails, run over on the road and now we're getting raped by none other than our best friends, 'Man'!!". - A very disheartned beautiful creature. We're called 'Dogs'.

Where do they come from? Are they really a nuisance? Who makes them what they are? Dogs are considered man's best friend, but that's hardly the case when it comes to people to choose to employ when describing them. However, these stray dogs may not deserve that reputation. It is us that make them the way they are. These dogs live singly or in small groups on the street, relying on garbage and scraps of food people provide. What people don't realize is that, consequently, these animals are efficient scavengers and remove a large part of the rubbish that humans dump everywhere. Food causes fights which are common at garbage dumps or near food stalls. The fights that happen between dogs can be irritating for humans which is why they turn around and call them a nuisance. But what happens when the dogs are ill treated or raped ? 

We need to change our animal laws. People abuse dogs ever so frequently and when it comes to justice, it's 50 rupees! If it were your own child, would that be what your child was worth? What if your child was run over on purpose just because she ran around the society screaming ? What would you do? Would you be alright with a punishment of 50 rupees? Ha!  I dont think so. People need to wake up to reality.

Help me help us speak out for these beautiful creatures. 


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