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Stop cruelty against elephants at Dubare Elephant Camp in Madikeri. Ensure these elephants are handled by properly trained handlers (Mahauts) and not beaten/poked with metal hooks. Impose restrictions on elephant rides, public interaction, photography.

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I went to this place thinking I'd get to see the elephants in their natural habitat. But, I was in for a rude shock when I discovered that the forest officer's and handlers here have turned this place into a circus, where they charge for everything from elephant rides, to feeding and bathing the elephants.

Whats even worse is the way these majestic animals are beaten and poked with metallic hooks. One of the "handlers" as you can see in the pics is a boy about 10 years old, and I can't stop thinking of the way he tugged at the elephants ear with the hook to make him sit. They even did that to the baby elephants. A few of the older elephants had visible holes in their ears, proving the sheer amount of times they had been tugged at with the hook. Their tusks were missing too.

The tourist went crazy invading the space with their flashy cameras and paid to touch the baby elephant. They were unfazed by how scared the little one was. Its absolutely tragic to see how people don't have any respect for these animals, their habitat and their space! I'm surprised the elephants didn't go on a rampage! 

They are fed dried grass only during their feeding time. This place is supposed to be a haven for these elephants, but instead they are being cruelty treated for money, simply because of lack of awareness about them and their habitat. I couldn't stand there for even a minute after I saw this, and wonder if anyone has ever noticed or thought about doing something to stop this cruelty. It made me sick! I want to do something to ensure these animals are treated with the respect they deserve, and handled by properly trained handlers. There should be strict restrictions on use of cameras with flash, the rides and public interaction with these animals. 

The river next to area is also being polluted with this tourist activity. The boats leak diesel into it and its littered with plastic. The elephants are bathed in the same water and they even drink it!

This is one of the many places across the country where animals are cruelly treated such tourist spots. Imposing regulations on this place,can be replicated across all zoos and sanctuaries across our country!

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