Help sisters Dua + Dalal escape death in Saudi Arabia, and reach asylum in a safe country

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We are two sisters, Dua and Dalal. Right now, we are in Turkey after fleeing Saudi Arabia where we have faced sexual abuse by members of our family. 

The Turkish police are providing us with some protection. But we are afraid we will be killed if we are found - unless we are granted asylum in a country of safety soon.

In Saudi Arabia we were forced to live our lives according to our male guardians. Our family tried to force us to marry older men. This was especially hard for Dua who is gay.

Our petition is to the United Nations to help grant us asylum in a safe third country quickly. Our human rights need to be protected.

Will you help us by signing this petition?

It wasn’t easy to flee, but we have gone public with our story through Twitter. The account we have been using have been suspended over 5 times - we believe trolls were reporting us. We are scared this will happen again, and that the world may forget about us. We have been moving from hotel to hotel here in Turkey to avoid being found.

Toby Cadman is a British Human rights lawyer at Guernica 37 who is representing us and our case at the UN High Commission for Refugees. If the public get behind us, we can show the UN how urgent this is. Please help us to safety before it is too late.

You can follow us on Twitter @duadalal #saveduadalal