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Help shut down CR Ventures! Scam Company

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Hello All,


I was very disappointed today to log into my online banking to find out that there was an  unauthorized charge on my account.  I called my bank and they told me that they would freeze my account and do an investigation.  When I was finally able to get to the bank we called this company and found out that they had charged my account for a credit card that they stated I had ordered.  When I told them it had not been me they played a recording of I dont know who.  After doing further research on the internet I have found out that last year alone there were more than 12,000 complaints for this company.  So many complaints have been file and nothing is being done about this.  I just filed a complaint with the BBB but according to many of the other victims I have spoken with have already filled complaints with the BBB and have not been able to get anywhere.  Here are some of the other stories from victims:

Reported By: Max (Colorado Springs Colorado United States of America) Submitted: Thursday, December 30, 2010

 I had been on line looking for payday loans. I received a call from a lady who said I had been approved for a Platinum Credit Card with a $9500.00 credit line. She rambled on about how it was 0% for the life of the card, only 5% payment, reported to 3 credit bureaus etc.

I thought wow this is great just what I needed. At no time did she explain to me that is was a "online merchandise card only" When she ask what I needed the card for I said to pay down on some bills the only thing she said was " that this card was more geared toward building back up credit but did not say I could not use it it for what I had stated.

I agreed to the $89.00 enrollment fee to be taken out of my bank account the following Friday. The next week I tried to call back on the number she called me at to confirm some information and could never get through. It would just say all representatives were busy please hold. After about 10 minutes of getting the same message every 2 minutes I hung up.

I was starting to get a bad feeling so I went to my bank to try to stop the withdrawal but because I did not know the exact name of the company that would be withdrawing the funds I could not.

After the charge went through I got a copy (it runs through as CR Venture, LLC) there was a number to call so I did. I spoke with a Mark and explained that I was not informed that the card was a merchandise only and not a real credit card he said he would listen to the recording and call me back.

Well of course he did not so the next day I called him and of course he didn't even remember and then when he pulled my account up he said they had done nothing deceptive and I would not get my $89.00 dollars back. I tried to do a dispute through my bank but they were of no help at all and said it was between me and the company.

I did cancel the card immediately and received an email stating it had been canceled. I look at their terms and conditions online and no where does it state the enrollment fee is non-refundable only the $19.00 monthly charge is non-refundable per their online terms & conditions. I called and told them that it says nothing about it being non-refundable but still was told they would not refund my money. This company is one of the biggest scams out there. They misrepresent themselves and their product.

I am now out $89.00 with no recourse to recover it. I am shocked with as many complaints this company has with consumer reports and the BBB that they are still in business

Reported By: Beverly (Baltimore Maryland United States of America) Submitted: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 I received a call from a customer service representative Mark Woods from Platinum Card Trust. He asked me if I was interested in obtaining a $9,000 credit limit with his company. He proceeded to tell me all my banking information, my address first thought was how did you get my name, number and banking information and he said I applied for something in which I know I didn't. Anyway I told him I wasn't interested and he said I will call you back in a few days to see if you changed your mind and I said no thanks. So I noticed a withdrawal from my account and I realized he credited my account $89 and when I called him he apologized for the mis-communication. I even spoke to his supervisor and he informed me and said I could get my money back, I haven't seen it yet. I am now working with my back to get this resolved I hope it is not a long process. This company is a SCAM please, please, please be careful. Reported By: Keshia (Vicksburg Mississippi United States of America) Submitted: Thursday, October 14, 2010

A representative contacted me on Wednesday , October 6, 2010 saying I got approved for a credit card for $9,500 with a $89 processing fee. I told them I didn't have a credit or check and then he provided me with me banking information. Since he knew my information I thought it was legit because I am currently in bankruptcy and thought maybe this was an offer to boost my credit up. I was walking around in the dollar store at this time and told the representative to call me back because I could barely hear him. He then asked could he process my fee and I told he I didin't have any money in my account and then he said we can process it next week. I knew this would not be a good time either because I am currently and medical leave and I am not receiving any income. I was in the hospital from october 11-13 and when I got out I checked my account and noticed I had a negative 89.00 balance. I could not stop payment on this check because it was taken out on October 11, 2010 and then cleared on October 13, 2010. I called the bank on October 14, 2010 and they told me that I could not stop payment because the check was cleared yesterday.


These are just some of the stories but we can stop this from happening.  Please sign this petition going to our elected officials,  the BBB,  and to the people at CR Ventures, LLC  so that they might understand that the scams they pull really hurt people and so that the BBB and our Government might act on these types of companies taking people money.

Also if you wish to call this company and tell them by phone this is the info that they have listed.  They have like 10 phone numbers, and 7 Street addresses but most of them are either disconected or no one answers.  Like I said Scam.  The one below seems to be working right now!  Call them and let them know we are on to them and will do everything posible to spread the word. 



Platnum Trust Card
419 Johnson Street
Jenkentown Pennsylvania 19046

453 johnson st Jenkintown pa

Phone: 888-382-7196
Web Address:


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