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Help save the native habitat of 5 endangered species within 10km of Sydney CBD

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Each triangle indicated on this picture is the approximate location recordings of the threatened fauna species under NSW Legislation.

The blue/s represents the 3.3 hectares that are to be bulldozed. The majority of this is bushland.

The pink represent the new buildings to be constructed.

All that I ask is the new buildings be moved or redesigned on top of the existing building footprint, where they will have minimal impact on the endangered species habitat that live in this area.


I am sick of the government destroying our native habitat and I need your help to stop this in my local area on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Manly Warringah War Memorial Park (Manly Dam) continues to be sacrificed.

Rob Stokes and the Education Department have approved an over-designed new Educational Facility for Manly Vale Public School which is to built on the surrounding bushland which 5 endangered species are to be found.

Some of this land is pristine (pre-European quality) bushland that the school had in past years been used as an 'educational environmental' teaching resource for their students. Throughout the years the school designated this land as a "conservation" area and now it is scheduled and approved for destruction.

This development will impact 44 fauna species and 131 native plant species which exist on this site. Included are 5 endangered native species that are listed on the threatened fauna species list under NSW Legislation.

- Eastern Pygmy Possum
- Powerful Owl
- Red Crowned Toadlet
- Eastern Bentwing Bat
- Grey Headed Flying Fox

Rob Stokes has now backed the Department of Education’s plans to bulldoze this bushland. His reasoning he gave me, "to have minimal disruption to the school during construction".

Plans have been drawn up, but there is still a slight chance we can save part of this land and the endangered native species habitat that live within this area. We just need to get enough support from the local and Australian community, spread the word on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and throughout Australia and show that you are against the unnecessary destruction of bushland which caters to our endangered species.


I understand Manly Vale Public school needs upgrading and needs to be increased in size but there are ways of doing this on the current building footprint. The local Northern Beaches council is against this destruction, they have done all that they can, but the Education department ignored their advice, still went ahead, acquired land, and designed multiple (sprawled) buildings in the middle of the bushland where our native endangered species live.

If you believe in this cause, as I do, and would like the department of Education to revise/redesign their plans and move the buildings onto the current building footprint, please sign this petition.

If you would like further information go to:  facebook @SaveManlyDamBushland.

"Once it's gone, it's gone forever, never to be able to be put back together…It will always be broken"

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