Save Japanese Restaurants from Bankruptcy During COVID-19

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We believe that restaurants all over the world are experiencing the same situation.

Most restaurants and food businesses in Japan have been heavily impacted financially due to effects of COVID-19 and it is predicted that many will go bankrupt if the current situation with self-quarantine and isolation continues.
On the other hand, the restaurants do understand that self-quarantine and isolation are necessary actions in order halt the spread of COVID-19 and so have quietly accepted the situation and losses.

The main issues at hand are:

・The Japanese government has not ordered a mandatory lockdown and has left it to the individual's discretion whether to quarantine/self-isolate or not.
・Because of this, the government is not responsible for assisting or compensating business for financial losses related to COVID-19.
・While there are talks of financial assistance or compensation, the speed in which these plans are decided and executed is extremely slow, and many restaurants will already be out of business by the time they are carried out.

In order to solve these issues, together with the head chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants HAJIME and Kashiwaya, we ask that you assist us by signing this petition.

All we ask from you is your signature. We will pass on this petition to the Japanese government and request that the government financially assists businesses impacted by COVID-19 with paying their fixed costs (rent etc.) and employee salaries. We will request swift compensation to be carried out in order to protect and save Japanese restaurants.

It is our wish to communicate the cries of help from the restaurant industry to the Japanese government and governing bodies, so that you also can enjoy these many different wonderful restaurants and their food when you visit Japan. We humbly ask for your help.

Japanese Petition

Japan Times Article

We may make corrections or additions to the above as the situation changes. However, swift action is needed as we are running out of time and believe this is the first step in making a change. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

My Concierge Japan
Official Representative

Hajime Yoneda - HAJIME
Hideaki Matsuo - Kashiwaya
Yuko Suzuki - Office musubi Ltd.