Help Myanmar from Man-Made (Myanmar Military Terrorist) Humanitarian Disaster

Help Myanmar from Man-Made (Myanmar Military Terrorist) Humanitarian Disaster

4 June 2021
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Started by CD Movement

Dear G7 leaders and Mr António Guterres (Secretary-General of UN), 

Since the 1st February 2021 coup, when the military denied the will of the people and overthrew the democratically elected government, the people of Myanmar have been resoundingly defiant against the military junta’s attempt to run the state administration. The so-called state administrative council formed by the military has been trying to crack down the resistance movement of the people by their well known inhumane brutality.They have used live ammunition and battlefield weapons against peaceful civilian protesters. As they release shoot-to-kill orders to the soldiers and police, many people including young children and pregnant women had been killed with fatal gun shots, some on the streets and some even in their own house. Night raids in the neighbourhood, arbitrary detentions and abductions of the civilians including youth in their teens, academics and civil service staffs have been daily news in Myanmar since the coup, along with extra-judicial killings of some of the detainees at interrogation centres. As per statements by the UN special rapporteur on human rights, these actions are accountable for crimes against humanity.

In this revolution against the brutal military regime, the elected parliamentarians from November 2020 election formed a representative committee, which subsequently managed to engage and negotiate with ethnic armed groups and ethnic civil organisations to consolidate all forces against the military dictatorship. With tireless efforts and history-making unity of all these forces, an interim government has appeared to lead the country in this crisis, NATIONAL UNITY GOVERNMENT OF UNITED STATES OF MYANMAR (NUG). The duty of the interim government is to establish the foundation of a federal union , promising equal rights and freedom to everyone who is born in this beautiful land of Myanmar. NUG has received full support from the people of Myanmar and has increasingly become the core of the revolution.

We have observed that international community has been very staunch in their support towards Myanmar’s spring revolution for the freedom and democracy and the military dictators have been illegitimate to represent as state leaders. However, we still need more actions to help the brave people of Myanmar to end this current crisis sooner than later.

We now call on all world leaders to :

1. Recognise, engage with and give support to the National Unity Government (NUG) based on the doctrine of legitimacy.

2. Help the NUG to relieve the painful struggle of the people of Myanmar by providing humanitarian assistance through the auspices of the NUG.

3. Keep the strong standing against the military administration council and cut ties with them by every possible way to send a clear message about their illegitimacy

4. Refuse the military junta’s access to assets overseas and cut off flows of revenue by effective, concrete sanctions against banks and businesses owned by the military, individual senior military officers, their family members and their business associates.

The people of Myanmar are resolute in defiance against this mighty brutal junta. They have achieved resounding united ‘one voice’ to walk the path towards federal union state. This should be rewarded with strong support from the international community especially from the countries with long established democratic system. Please help Myanmar free from dictatorship. Please give your helping hands in bringing about freedom and democracy to the brave people of Myanmar.

Yours sincerely,


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Signatures: 10,459Next Goal: 15,000
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