Help Me To Pass “Tia’s Law”

Help Me To Pass “Tia’s Law”

9 May 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Denise Dunn

Help Me To Pass “Tia’s Law” 

On November 7th 2015, I took my 11 year old dog, Tia, for her weekly session of hydrotherapy. The business owner left an unqualified hydrotherapist on her own to oversee the session, instead of the business owner and manager, in the course of the session, Tia drowned. Although the business was a member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and subject to their quality standards and code of conduct, these were not followed and the Canine Hydrotherapy Association terminated its membership, following Tia’s death.

A prosecution brought by the RSPCA was not pursued to a trial. Although I have been told by the CPS that there was sufficient evidence to provide for a realistic prospect of conviction against both the owner and the unqualified hydrotherapist, they believed a prosecution would not be in the public interest (I strongly disagree with this).

There is video footage of the first part of the session, It was during the second session that Tia collapsed in the water and died. Please be aware before you view the footage it may cause upset.

I have lost my faith in the system, which has let my beloved Tia down very badly.

Tia was in good health, apart from minor arthritis in her back legs which is why Tia’s vets recommended hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy can have great benefits for animals who suffer with arthritis, when properly administered and supervised. Had Tia’s session been properly administered, by a licensed hydrotherapist, who got into the pool with her, I believe that Tia would still be with me today.

At the time, neither I nor Tia’s vet were aware that the practice of animal hydrotherapy is not licensed.

Tia was my fur baby, my world. I now know how dangerous animal hydrotherapy is when carried out by an unqualified hydrotherapist.

Tia’s life was important. All animals lives matter.

Please help by supporting Tia’s campaign to have regulations put in place to provide proper regulation for animal hydrotherapy and to see that animals like Tia are safe. We can be the voice for our animals. Together we will make a difference. Support my campaign for Tia’s Law.

This is what is needed. These are the regulations that NOW need to be put in place to ensure safe practice in animal hydrotherapy:

  1. All animal hydrotherapy businesses must be licensed.
  2. Two hydrotherapists must be present at all times whilst an animal is receiving hydrotherapy.
  3. One hydrotherapist must be in the water with the animal at all times during the therapy.
  4. Every hydrotherapy business shall be subject to a system of regular local authority or supervisory inspections.
  5. Any treating hydrotherapist must hold a level 3 qualification in animal hydrotherapy.

Please help me and honour Tia’s memory by signing my petition. Thank you for your support.

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Signatures: 56,816Next Goal: 75,000
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