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Help Make Healthy Eating More Affordable and More Accessible

Over the past few years, obesity rates have risen to a new high in the United States, with over 60% of the US population being overweight or obese.  To prevent or reverse obesity, we are told to eat healthy, organic, and unprocessed foods. Yet, those who attempt a healthy lifestyle are forced to pay very high prices for these types of foods while fast food and other processed and unhealthy foods remain cheap and easily accessible.

As much as we encourage the overweight and obese to eat healthier, for many, financial barriers prevent them from buying healthy and organic foods.  As long as healthy, organic, and unprocessed foods remain higher in cost and less accessible than unhealthy options, obesity rates will continue to skyrocket in this country.   

Encourage legislators to work on supporting our local organic farmers, making healthy options more affordable and more accessible than fast food and processed foods. 

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
As you are well aware, obesity has become a major health crisis in our country with more than 60% of our population being overweight or obese.  Obesity is now a public health problem which needs your attention as the health of Americans is greatly at stake.  The number of morbidly obese Americans electing to have gastric bypass surgery and those developing life threatening health conditions as a result of obesity is now staggering and costing our country millions each year. 

While the government is working to decrease obesity rates through nutrition education and weight management programs, the cost and accessibility of healthy, organic, and unprocessed foods still remain very high compared to readily accessible fast food, processed food, and food produced with antibiotics and hormones and other chemicals which are known to make the body toxic and subsequently contribute to obesity . 

As long as fast food and processed unhealthy options remain so readily accessible and healthy food and organic options remain more difficult to obtain in regular supermarkets and so expensive, these nutrition and weight management programs will ultimately fail.

Please enact legislation that will help support our local organic farmers, and make organic and healthy food more readily accessible and more financially feasible for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent or reverse obesity.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my concerns and all your hard work on and dedication to the public health issues affecting our country.

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