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HELP JAPAN Shut down Hamaoka and Tokai nuclear power plants

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We are asking that all of you contact your local representatives and President Obama and implore them to pressure the Japanese government to shut down Hamaoka and Tokai nuclear power plants. These plants are the two closest to Tokyo. We continue to have aftershocks that register from 4.0 to 7.0. We also are experiencing other quakes from epicenters close to and inside Tokyo. If these plants become affected it could be devastating for Japan as Tokyo has the largest concentration of our population. We would also request that the rest of the nuclear power plant facilities (all 55) be fully checked out for safety.

Contact them as soon as you can to help us.

Thank you ,
Concerned parents in Japan,
Yumi Kikuchi and Gen Morita
Kamogawa, Japan

map of Nuclear power plants in Japan:

well-documented, up-to-the-minute technical report:

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