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Help Homeless People in Calhoun, GA Find Housing


Calhoun, a small town (15,000) in NW Georgia formerly relying on the carpet industry, has been ravaged by the housing industry shutdown. Homelessness and poverty are rampant. The community has no shelter and limited services. Many people turned to the Oglethorpe Inn, a local motel, for housing, with a reported 80 people--including families--staying there until mid-February when the motel was shut down.

According to one man staying at the motel, the owner (as of late) was nice to people who struggled to pay on time. Previous owners, according to a newspaper report, were Republican legislators (State Senator Chip Rogers and Congressman Tom Graves) who took out a $2.2 mil loan to buy and refurbish the motel. They evidently turned it over to Mr. Edens who apparently ran out of money. The bank that issued the loan to Tich Hospitality, the lawmakers' partnership, is suing for repayment, according to the story. In the meantime, 80 or so people need a place to stay.

Urge Rep. Tom Graves and State Senator Chip Rogers to, um, chip in to pay for alternative housing in Calhoun for the displaced Oglethorpe guests. Furthermore, they should be at the forefront of state and federal efforts to create affordable housing options for homeless persons in Georgia and across the country.


Letter to
State Senator Brandon Beach
Representative Doug Collins
As an elected official from the Calhoun area, you were elected to serve the people of your community. As a business owner in this community, you undoubtedly know of hard times many people are experiencing, especially those living in the Oglethorpe Inn because they lost their previous housing. With the closing of that facility, over 80 people, including families, are out on the streets of Calhoun, a community willing--but unable--to help. They need your help.

Homelessness ravages the nation and Calhoun and Gordon County are no exception. Over 1 in 10 school children in Gordon County have been identified as homeless. No shelter exists to help and human service agencies are struggling to help the displaced persons so they are not living under a bridge. Housing sits vacant because of foreclosures.

Will you contribute money to offset the cost of providing alternative housing for them? Will you work on state and federal efforts to alleviate homelessness?

Thank you for your attention to this crisis.

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