Help combat NZ's obesity epidemic

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New Zealand's health care is feeling the strain of obesity. Obesity is a serious disease that costs you, the taxpayer, a lot of money. From obesity to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease - the health implications for our country are staggering.

As a New Zealander, I'm worried about the health of my community. I'm deeply concerned about how increasing obesity levels will affect my children now and in the future.

With one in three children predicted to be obese by 2025, the action is needed now to stop this trend. It's not fair - it’s just too easy to access unhealthy food for sale in New Zealand. And foods marketed at children are often high in sugar, fat or salt (or all three!)

New Zealand's fast-food chain outlets are not going to change their offerings voluntarily. We need Government regulations to protect the health and well-being of our nation. If we do not act soon, we will have to look after a generation of children with physical, mental, and emotional illnesses that stems from obesity resulting from the extremely unhealthy food being sold to them.

Details on the Food Industry levy
This is a proposal to combat the obesity epidemic in New Zealand and alleviate some of the burdens on our health system through a levy making the food industry responsible for their products that are excessively high in sugar and fats. This is not a tax that the consumer pays. It is a suggested funding model to invest in community health and education initiatives. It will be set up like how Gambling Machine profits are distributed according to the rules of the Department of Internal affairs with a percentage of its proceeds returned to the community.

We want to help New Zealand be healthier! Obesity is a serious issue in New Zealand, and the food industry and international fast-food chains cannot be left to do as they please. This epidemic affects all sectors of society, particularly low-income earners, children and Māori and Pasifika communities. Diet-related diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in New Zealand, with obesity being a major contributor. This is an opportunity for the Government of New Zealand to show real leadership and act on one of our biggest societal issues – putting our own health first.

Our goal is to reach 30,000 signatures.  
Please sign and share this petition calling for immediate action and change. Both the New Zealand Government and the food industry must act together to reduce the burden of ill health caused by obesity.

Dave Letele – Health Advocate and Founder of BBM
email: admin@thebbmprogram