Clerical Associates/Administrative are Front Line workers too and deserve Pandemic Pay.

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Mr. Doug Ford Ms Christine Elliott.

We are begging you to reconsider your decision to not include hospital clerical associates, administrative staff to the pandemic pay for front line workers.

You said you respect "ALL" health care workers during this pandemic but yet you choose who matters more when deciding who is entitled to the pandemic pay? Do you realize that clerical associates, administrative staff are the first line of contact for every single patient that walks into our hospitals? Do you understand that our hospitals would NOT operate if clerical associates, administrative staff did not go to work every single day to do their jobs, registering patients, directing, helping family member’s, placing code calls, booking transfers, booking surgical procedures, scheduling tests, booking doctors appointments, virtual visits and so much more, in each and every department? Are you aware that clerical associates, administrative staff are one of the lowest paid positions in a health care facility?

Front line clerical associates, admin staff go to work every single day not knowing who will be the next to get sick with COVID19 or who will be bringing it home to their loved ones just as much as our co-workers standing beside us. Please do not divide us.

Mr. Ford, Ms Elliott. Please, we beg you to reconsider this decision and bring a little bit of well deserved respect, appreciation to these hard working employees.

Mr Ford. Please know that we are so very proud of how much you have stepped up during this pandemic and put your own safety at risk to help front line workers. We all pray for your safety and the safety of your family. Please pray of us.


Clerical Associate at William Osler Health System.