Improve care to baby loss of under 24 weeks What do you class as a Miscarriage?

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Improve care to baby loss of under 24 weeks

Which would help by changing the terminology of the word Miscarriage,

To recognise that when mums have to give birth to their baby's, and have a full birth.

Acknowledge that they have indeed given birth a baby.

The word Miscarriage is extremely insensitive in the 21st century, and no maternity leave is given to our parents to deal with this great loss. (Miscarriage in the UK is class up till 24 weeks of pregnancy.

We want all our mums to be given the right care during this time too

Currently, there are no guidelines in place to deal with 2nd-trimester losses and we call upon have these set up as a matter of urgency. 

Take the time to Watch our Guess my Gestation video, our sleeping babies are of various gestations,  Guess My Gestation Video

Did you guess the gestation right? 

Do you think these are Miscarriages or babies? 

USA & Australia recognise that babies at 20 weeks of gestation are indeed babies 

To confirm this read the following;- 



1. We want the UK, to call our babies, baby's rather than Miscarriage.  

2. We really feel that the terminology here in the UK needs to come in line with other countries.

3. We want NICE & RCOG Guidelines written in place to ensure that proper care is given to our mums, to be the same as if a baby's born after 24weeks. To ensure a midwife is with mum throughout the labour, and that if any issues with the placenta to explain to the mum exactly what the procedure is, and what choices is available. 

4 Allow mums and dads to decide if their babies come out crying if medical staff should intervene or not. Most hospitals will intervene at 23weeks dependent on weight, but parents are not being informed of these choices. 

 (One baby of 21 weeks gestation was saved, please visit Josiah page,  

5. We want an explanation why the Maternity Review did not include mums who given birth to baby's of 24 weeks and under. We want NHS England to include this in their maternity review as pregnancy starts from the day you conceive. Our pregnant mums need protecting at all gestations to ensure every mum has the best chance of taking a healthy baby home, at the same time ensuring the care they receive if they do lose their baby is to the highest standard possible. We should not be ignoring these losses just because they are currently only class as miscarriages and not baby's! 

6. We are looking for change to gain recognition for these births and certificates for babies born under 24 weeks.

Overall we want;-  

7. We are looking for change to gain recognition for these births and certificates for babies born under 24 weeks.

we are looking for change to gain recognition for all babies born before 24 weeks, by having a certificate of birth We also want the terminology to be changed from miscarriage to still born.

Questions we are asking is the following, 

1. What do you class as a miscarriage?

2. We love to know, what gestation do you class as Miscarriage?

3. Did you have a surviving 23 week gestation baby? if yes where are you based? 

4.What changes would you like to see?

5. What would recognition mean to you?

6. What would a official birth / death certificate mean to you? 

We love to hear from everyone, Worldwide

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We need 100,000 signatures to gain change. 

(We also raise awareness on PPROM, and have an ongoing petition to change the way PPROM is dealt with)

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