Families Fighting to Reopen Mossman Maternity!

Families Fighting to Reopen Mossman Maternity!

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Health Minister MP Steven Miles (Qld Health Minister) and

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Started by Jessie Goetze

Save our babies! Save our mums! Save our families!  

Women in the Douglas Shire currently have two options of where to birth - drive to the nearest hospital (1-2 hours away) whilst in labour - which is both uncomfortable and dangerous and at the risk of being turned away or if labour is quick birthing en route on the side of road, or birthing at home without medical assistance which is the category that I sit in.


The rates of babies being born before arrival (BBA) to hospital are increasing in Queensland and are highest among women who lived between one and two hours’ drive from a maternity service. These are the women of our Shire. Babies are dying when they shouldn't be.

Almost 30 rural and regional maternity units have closed since 2000 with Mossman Hospital being among them. 

Steven Miles MP Minister for Health attended the Queensland Maternity Summit in Cairns last month. In conclusion the findings of the Taskforce report highlight the importance of ensuring women in rural and remote areas have access to appropriate, culturally safe services that meet their needs. Appropriate governance, whole-of-system planning, and funding models are required to support and sustain rural hospitals, and reduce reliance on centralisation based on economies of scale. He made a promise to draw a line under reductions in maternity services, with any future changes to require special ministerial approval and to find a way to reopen rural birthing units that have been closed (to put an immediate stop to any more rural closures of birthing units and to investigate those that have been shut down and assess the possibility of having them reopened).

WE WANT TO SEE our birthing unit in Mossman be reopened.


This decision can only be made at Federal level (although campaigning locally helps spread awareness and build momentum). Sometimes we feel a bit forgotten up here in Far North Queensland so we need to make some noise and be heard all the way to Canberra.
We are asking for your support - ALL signatures (both local and national) are needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you

1,039 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!