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Health Equity in Oregon: !Se buscan los Campiones!


Profesionales de Salud en Oregon todavia no cuentan con Educacion Continuada para el desarollo de su  Capacitacion Cultural. Oregon Health Professionals still are not receiving Continuing Education for the development of their cultural competency.

La salud de las personas de color en oregon, inclyuendo inmigrantes y refugiados, esta reportada como la mas deficiente y el cuidado de salud es de baja calidad. The health of people of color in Oregon, including immigrants and refugees is reported to be the most weak with low quality of health care.

La Senate Bill 97-3, Education Continuada para la Capacitacion Cultural de Profesionales de Salud ya fue aprovada por el Senado con 22 votos!!! Una propuesta de ley con apoyo bipartidario. Ahora, necesitamos apoyo de la Casa de los Representantes. The SB97-3, Cultural Competence was voted and approved by 22 Senators! A truly bipartisan proposal! And...NOW we need the House of Representatives support!

La lucha por EQUIDAD DE SALUD es ahora! Now is the moment to fight for HEALTH EQUITY!

POCHEC, People of Color Health Equity Collaborative & CHARLA, Collective Health Advocacy for Rooted Latinas/os & Africans buscan por los Campiones para ACTUAR AHORA. POCHEC & CHARLA are seeking for Champions to ACT NOW:

1- USTED puede firmar esta peticion y enviarla para TODAS las personas que conoces! YOU CAN SIGN this petition now and send it to everyone you know!

2- USTED puede llamar ahora a tus Representantes. Busque por sus nombres y telefonos en la pagina de la internet YOU CAN CALL NOW your Representatives.

Si hay dudas envianos un correo al o llama al (503) 901-6285. If you have questions e-mails us or call.

Factos de la SB97-3 - Facts about the SB97-3

a) SB 97 directs the Oregon Health Authority (OHA)/OMHS in collaboration with Oregon's health professional regulatory boards and other community stakeholders to develop continuing education satandards relative to cultural competence and opportunities of training for licensed health care providers. 

b)There is minimal fiscal impact. The bill includes evaluating the costs of implementation and logistics issues. Accredited Cultural Competencey trainings are currently available for free.

c) There is NO MANDATE requirements. The 97-1 amendment removed the implementation timeline for health care licensing boards. Oregon Health Authority/OMHS will work with the regulatory boards to define the appropriate timeline.

d) La SB97-A busca apoyar a los provedores de salud con cuestiones de medical liabilities. The SB97-A is to support health care providers to have less concerns with medical liabilities.


Por favor firme esta peticion y enviala a tus amigos. Please sign this petition and send it to friends!

Organizaciones que apoyan la SB97-3 incluyen - Organizations that support SB97-3 includ:

 POCHEC, People of Color Health Equity Collaborative

CHARLA, Collective Health Equity for Rooted Latinas/os & Africans

THE-TREE Institute

The Archimedes Movement

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

The Center for Intercultural Organizing

Oregon Action

Coalition of Community Health Clinics

The Oregon Bus Project

International Center for traditional Childbearing

Native American Youth and Family Center

African Women's Coalition

Family Forward Oregon

Oregon League of Minority Voters

Connecting Communities Coalition

Portland African American Leadership Forum

Sisters of the Road

Cascaid AIDS Project


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    Tina Kotek
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    Andy Olson
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