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Hawthorne Police Department: Investigate, impose sanctions, and issue apology for the shooting of Mr. Leon Rosby's dog

The Hawthorne Police Department, Mayor Daniel Juarez, and Chief of Police Robert Fager should conduct a thorough and transparent investigation of the incident involving Mr. Leon Rosby and the police shooting of Mr. Rosby's dog Max, as documented in a video posted on various websites. The responsible officers should be subject to the harshest appropriate sanctions. The department should look into its training protocol and policy for the use of deadly force. Furthermore, the department and the city should issue a formal apology to the Rosby family and award them fair compensation and restitution for their loss. The Hawthorne Police Department, Mayor Juarez, and Chief Faher at a minimum owe these actions to Mr. Rosby, his family, the residents of Hawthorne, and most of all, Max.

From a Gawker post on the incident (

A video making the rounds this evening allegedly depicts California man Leon Rosby being arrested yesterday before police shot his dog to death as he and other civilians looked on in horror. According to Rosby's attorney, Michael Gulden, Rosby was simply videotaping a police action in his Hawthorne neighborhood when cops approached him to arrest him for "obstructing an investigation," a charge Gulden calls "ridiculous." "[H]e was driving by and noticed the police activity and stopped to watch," Gulden told me in an email, "as is common when this type of activity is going on in any neighborhood."



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