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A call to action to defend the likes of homeless persons just as if they were a normal average working citizen. The hate crimes against homeless action is to add homeless persons as a protected class to hate crime statistics and enforcement acts.

From 1999-2007, there have been 774 documented acts of violence committed against homeless individuals in the United States.

On May 7, 2009 Maryland became the first state to introduce Hate Crimes against the Homeless as an official state law. Lets keep that drive alive.

Reference agencies for Hate Crime Against the Homeless:
The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty (NLCHP), the Homeless Persons Representation Project (HPRP).

Letter to
Lawyer to end homelessness Ashely Shuler
Representative Susan Brooks
Representative Thomas Massie
and 3 others
Representative Gwen Moore
Senator Bill Nelson
Representative Alan Grayson
America is suppossed to be the land of the free and the home of opportunity for all people. In certain situations this may be a understatement as homeless persons acroos america have been targeted and attacked.

It is time to come to terms with this situation as the economic crisis this nation is currently undergoing worsens. States around the nation are coming to protect that right of homeless persons as actions against them are being formed. Hate crimes against the homeless only makes America seem more of  a vile nation than we are as a free society.

As a floridian I wish to introduce Hate Crimes Against Homeless persons as an illegal action.

I'm asking that you take the time to understand that we are a society based on equalities and any crime against a homeless or less fortunate person is against the law.

Thank You
Thank You

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