"Hastening Death is Murder"

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Gloria greatly improved and at UWMC and was competent according to their doctors after going through two hellish months of fighting off repetitive lies by PeaceHealth St. Joseph's Hospital in Bellingham, Washington by telling other doctors and hospitals she was in excruciating pain and dying from leukemia. Several days after leaving UWMC however Gloria fainted at home trying to stand, PeaceHealth Comfort care drugs had made it so she couldn't walk and had to have oxygen despite the fact she was walking and driving when she went to to PeaceHealth Wound clinc. Responders claim they were never told she was DNR and that they were told by the ER nurse that Gloria was DNR. The Bellingham refused to transport her and walked out. At the same time this was going on a Bellingham Police Detective was in the hospital speaking with an ER Nurse and hospital security and reporting on his investigation of death threats allegedly made by Mr. Brown a week earlier and telling them the hospital allegations were "erroneous" wherein the ER nurse blurted out she just told responders that Mrs. Brown was DNR and her husband threatened to shoot hospital employees. Responders already punctured her internal jugular vein and called in saying they were fearful for their lives, yet DOH claims I have not proved my allegations despite the apparent lies and an autopsy from UWMC dusclosing the fatal puncture wound. DOH is obviously covering up the responders lies and conclusive proof of the murder

I filed a lawsuit and an additional an eyewitness came forward, who gave a sworn affidavit, that she saw three PeaceHealth Risk Management employees "force" her friend Gloria to sign a medical directive. The medical directive was supposed to be for full resuscitation but also contradicted itself by authorizing an illegal "DNR" without informed consent when according to the witness Gloria was drugged and incompetent, unable to even recognize her own friend. Hospital employees witnessed her signature which authorizing two doctors to initiate the illegal DNR committed a crime for abetting suicide, punishable by death for murder.

Responders claim run was uneventful and they never did a procedure to the internal jugular vein or were told of a DNR or that husband was going to shoot them yet despite overwhelming proof DOH still claims I did not prove my allegations.

Peacehealth was caught lying to UWMC, PeaceHealth had told Skagit Hospital and UWMC that Gloria was in excruciating pain and dying from leukemia. UWMC Ethics Committee did their own tests and found that Gloria was not in excruciating pain or dying from leukemia, that meant all the deadly fluorides, steroids and morphine that crippled her legs and made it so she could not breath without oxygen was all unnecessary and without them and the murdering responders, Gloria would still be alive

Responders never asked if the DNR was valid or not. PH had also initiated Comfort Care without informed consent and administered deadly double effect drugs without informed consent that crippled Gloria and made it so she could not breath, she was walking and driving when she first went to their wound center for a small wound from tripping on a stair. We were new in the area and given a new woman doctor, head of oncology at PeaceHealth. Gloria called her vindictive after doctor called adult protective services on us after the second visit. A doctor prescribed Cipro for the wound infection which made Gloria very sick in her stomach, we went to the ER because she didn't want to see the first doctor. They actually drugged Gloria immediately and kept us captives for 12 days, and forced a DNR on Gloria and never told us. After Peacehealth I brought her to UWMC where they also began with opiods, I told them I wanted it to stop. The UWMC Ethics Committee got involved and they did their own tests and discovered Gloria was not in excruciating pain and dying from leukemia.as they were told by PeaceHealth, that meant all the deadly double effect Comfort Care drugs PeaceHealth administered that made it so Gloria could move her legs or breath without oxygen was all unnecessary.

The new doctor at Peacehealth told Gloria she'd die if she didn't take one hydrea HU a day. Gloria knew that taking one a day would kill her, she actually almost bled out completely from doing the same thing accidently. Doctor hid the fact the blood counts went up as a result of the debridement of the wound to make it appear it was caused by not following doctors directions. Gloria had self medicated for years, oncologists in california told her to keep doing what she was doing, gloria knew from experience what one hydrea a day would do and told the APS rep, who the doctor reported the husband to, she'd never go back to PeaceHealth.

Peacehealth Wound center had caused Gloria an infection after debriding a quarter size wound on her lower leg to supposedly make it heal faster. A Doctor changed the wound center prescription from keflex to cipro which immediately made it so she could not walk, it attacked her tendons, made her legs swell and made her very sick to her stomach. We went to the hospital for something for her stomach pain because gloria didn't want to go to the woman oncologist, she called her vindictive. ER immediately tried to get Gloria to agree to a DNR to which she refused, a palliative care doctor in ER, not an oncologist but regular doctor, refused to take no for an answer and boldly stated in the medical record the families beliefs were strange, that she'd come back when Gloria was thinking straight. Three days later they committed a criminal act and forced us by lying and telling us a medical directive was for full resuscitation as we asked for. They tricked me into returning to the business office and knocked her out with opiates, nurses starting saying she was in excruciating pain and dying. Without advising us of their plan, they began comfort care that I discovered later is part of the double effect euthanasia slippery slope agenda, it's claimed that once it's initiated nothing can stop it until they kill the person. Without telling us what they were injecting they admnistered deadly steroids and fluorides dexamethasone, predisone, levaquin, cipro and morphine that made it so she couldn't walk or breath without 24 hour oxygen.

We finally were allowed to leave PeaceHealth against medical advice and I brought Gloria to UWMC where they did their own tests and their ethics committee discovered Gloria was not in excruciating pain or transferred over to leukemia as they were told by St. Josephs, that meant all the deadly regiment of comfort care drugs for excruciating pain that PeaceHealth administered to her without informed consent was all completely unnecessary, without those double effect comfort care drugs and the DNR and the murderous emt's, Gloria would still be alive and able to walk and breath without 24 hour oxygen. PeaceHealth should be shut down.

Gloria asked to sign a medical directive at UWMC for full resuscitation and doctors recognized she greatly improved and was competent to make her own decisions yet the state registry for updating a DNR for the new directive apparently was never updated or responders never bothered to check. Irregardless whatcom responders had an obligation to help gloria, the state EMT Association told me that the only way they cannot help a person is if there is a POLST form, in fact they said to go after them, they only save lives, they don't murder people.

Responders responsible for the transfer refused to help and walked out, leaving two young responders unable to lift Gloria, husband had to put his wife on the gurney by himself. Ambulance sat for 40 minutes with emergency room 20 minutes away, took them an hour to arrive at hospital. Her heart beat for 35 minutes despite report saying they witnessed her expire in the home, when she didn't die they stabbed her, then claimed they allegedly administered CPR half way to hospital 50 minutes later, despite being told she was DNR. It's apparent they are lying and that a puncture wound to the IJV would have no rhime or reason for a victim that was not losing blood, their failure to resuscitate and the death threats inspired responders to murder an innocent woman, whoever made up the false threats is as responsible for murder as the responder who stabbed her yet the state is covering the crime because death with dignity and natural death acts are part of their agendas to kill people ahead of their time to reduce costs and liability for bad doctors and bad hospitals, they're all in this together because we are priority creditors to their foreign corporations.

Gloria had a PICC placed by UWMC just a week earlier and responders had no reason whatsoever to go near the internal jugular vein, it would be redundant and proves she was intentionally murdered. Authorities in Whatcom County Washington refused to investigate her murder. Bellingham Police had previously investigated the alleged death threats and found they were erroneous. 

Gloria also refused PeaceHealth attempts to sign a DNR, a palliative care doctor refused to accept her choice and said the couple had strange beliefs, that she'd return when patient was thinking straight. PeaceHealth kept us twelve days, would not let us leave or tell us what they were administering, only repeating that Gloria was in excruciating pain and dying. They began comfort care without telling us which I've learned is nothing more than a regiment of deadly double effect drugs and morphine, without permission, which crippled her and made it so she could not breath. It was all caused by that the head oncologist woman doctor who Gloria called vindictive for calling APS when we refused to follow her directions. Gloria self medicated for thirty years and this new doctor didn't like men who loved and protected their spouse, obviously, or being reproached by a couple who challenged her authority.

They even said Gloria would never leave alive but when she didn't die they had to allow us to leave against medical advice, we ended up at UWMC. Doctors there began doing the same with opiates, I asked them to stop, their ethics committee got involved, at midnight their ethics chairman told me they did their own tests and discovered Gloria was not in excruciating pain or dying from leukemia as reported by Peacehealth, it was all lies, it meant all the deadly crippling drugs were unnecessary, without PH lies, crippling drugs and false death threats by hospital security that caused responders to brutally kill her, she'd be with me.

Statutes require a hospital to secure legitimate mandatory informed consent before initiating a Do Not Resuscitate order, it's a patient's only safeguard against involuntary euthanasia aka murder by doctors for nefarious reasons.  According to state EMT association, responders had a duty to help her, not walk out, they cannot refuse to help a person unless there's a POLST form, anything else, especially a puncture wound to the internal jugular vein and then covering it up, is murder.

Hospital security told responders husband was going to shoot them, that was found to be erroneous by Bellingham Police, made up by hospital security and risk management to make the waters murky for the husband if he sued over lies about excruciating pain.  


PeaceHealth Hospital Risk management assumed they were criminally responsible for forcing the DNR and realized we would sue them for lying to UWMC Ethics committee about excruciating pain and leukemia so they decided to take advantage of the situation by alleging false death threats. The situation enabled them to kill Gloria by telling responders she had a DNR and that the husband was going to shoot responders, figuring responders would take out revenge. Hospital security used lies from the sheriff's deaprtment to tell the responders, to make me look like a bad character. The sheriffs department and the prosecutor made up a false story that the grandfather, bobby brown, hit a man who was the state's witness for a luring suspect of the Brown's seven year old granddaughter. A deputy knew my granddaughter went missing and that I went looking for her and wanted the deputy to find her and talk with her yet he returned without her and never told us what the stranger had just told the deputy, that our granddaughter was at his home for a sleepover. Why didn't the deputy ask the stranger right then if he had permission from the parents, that would have ended the whole situation, instead the deputy came back and told me, grandparents don't have a right to see their grandchildren in Washington state, but a total stranger does? I found later Whatcom county was sued in another case, Lewis v. Whatcom County, and had to pay eight million after it was discovered Whatcom sheriffs department knew a little girl was being raped and they did nothing about it and left the child in the worse case scenario according to the Appeals Court. Whatcom County didn't want it to happen again, that's why they had to make up the false accusations and use an infamous canadian criminal to accuse me of hitting him. Sheriff, Prosecutor and Judge related to the deputy made up the scenario and the false accusations about the grandfather. Our granddaughter's case was never investigated, sheriff should have immediately called in child protective services to question the child luring suspect. Whatcom county did wrong, now whatcom prosecutors refuse to investigate my wife's death, prosecutor even lied to Washington Supreme Court, claiming they never used the godrobber to testify against the grandfather, they and whatcom county Sheriff know they spread false accusations in my granddaughters case and covered up a luring suspect just to avoid another lawsuit for leaving a child in, what the Appeals Court called, "a worse case scenario". 

Whatcom county sheriffs department and whatcom prosecutor's office, used an infamous canadian goldrobber who stole millions of dollars of gold bullion from Air Canada back in the 60’s as their star witness to fabricate false accusations about allegedly hitting their star witness. They lied to both the state court of appeals and supreme court, NO. 89918-5 State of Wa. v. Robert Finbar Brown, a footnote of page 5 by the clerk of court caught the lie wherein the Whatcom prosecutor stated that the goldrobber witness never testified, yet both courts dismissed my personal restraint petition. Judge Lasnik of the District Court Western Division Seattle No. C14-1763RSL dismissed case stating I had to have charges dismissed before anything, as I’d already mentioned there’s new evidence discovered that sheriffs falsified evidence that can change the federal courts mind and possibly allow criminal ruling to be dismissed and to go forward on civil rights fraud. The stranger was allowed in court to say he never told the deputy what was written in the police report, they all were allowed to perjure their testimonies, it's in the police report, you'd presume they can't change that, it's apparently why they used the Judge related to the deputy who allowed the deputy to testify last and commit perjury by changing what he wrote in his police report and sit throughout the entire trial so he could hear everything and not trip himself up, it proves the law can indict a ham sandwich, especially if you have the criminals and the judge all working together against you. The last words to the jury from the Judge was when he argued with my defense lawyer and told the jury they’d know who was telling the truth, she must have been in on it because she never challenged them with the actual police report.

The whatcom prosecutor waited two months before accusing me of hitting one of the guys outback, they used a canadian criminal who robbed air canada of millions in gold bullion to falsely accuse me of assaulting him, the judge was related to the deputy and they all lied to the jury, later when I appealed prosecutors also lied to the state court of appeals and the state supreme court, telling them their canadian criminal witness never testified in court, huge lie to a higher courts means they really had something to hide so I could not get a discretionary review, this is according to a footnote by the clerk of the Supreme court yet the court dismissed my appeal. Their goldrobber victim testified I was drunk at 5 pm, hitting people, wandering around our condo complex banging and kicking doors. Later, Congresswoman DelBene requested my crossing records from CIC and uncovered the fact I was in Canada all day, didn't get home to around 6 pm and arrested at 7 pm. I was never told about accusations of being drunk until the trial, otherwise I could have gotten my records for the day, they did it so whatcom county could be cleared of leaving a child with a stranger. Their stories grew, I appealed the fact they failed to tell me of their goldrobber's past record, a Brady violation, that deprived me of my right to cross examine him for truthfulness, the whatcom prosecutor went as far as lying to both court of appeals and supreme court.

These lies in a small community by county officials and a superior court judge and hospital security and risk management involving a coverup of what they did to Gloria by lying about her condition to UWMC ended with the accusations that I was going to shoot responders, the story they told responders had to be something tremendously awful if a responder would take out such hatred on an innocent woman. The Board of Health investigator summoned a responder for questioning, yet despite proving all essential elements of the crime of murder they claim they were no violations.  

The State of Washington, the Governor, Whatcom County Responders and it's Sheriffs dept, it's prosecutor, medical examiner, board of health and Pope Francis refuse to admit liability for the crime and Gloria's death. State employees are violating the sanctity of life they swore to enforce and it proves Death with Dignity and Natural Death statutes in Washington state have quickly evolved from voluntary suicide to involuntary suicide as was foretold by opponents years ago. Conversely, the State of Washington fought against death by assisted suicide back in Glucksberg in 1997, now they should be made to explain to the Federal Court of Appeals or the Supreme why they've changed their minds. No court should ever condone death by comfort care double effect deadly drugs, withholding of emergency medical assistance or intentional murder of a person. The Court should find in such an egregious case, where one life is lost needlessly by involuntary euthanasia under color of law, it's one life to many, death statutes have to be revoked and people need to be punished for murder. Case was certed to the U.S. Supreme Court on whether involuntary euthanasia under color of law is legal in a voluntary euthanasia state, it was denied by Justice Kennedy.

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