"Hastening Death is Murder"

"Hastening Death is Murder"

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"No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privi-leges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

In 1997, Supreme Court in, Washington v. Glucksberg said if there was "ONE" involuntary euthanasia in a state that legalized euthanasia with "Death with Dignity" or their Natural Death Act, this court would have to take a serious look again at assisted suicide albeit, a stern warning to the States, if the right to life was hindered by "ONE" deliberate involuntary euthanasia they would have to revoke "ALL" Death with Dignity statutes and Acts. In Gloria's case, despite the smokescreens and coverup by Whatcom County and Washington Department of Health there has  been no internal investigations by the county, state, federal, and ninth circuits besides the actual autopsy proof of a puncture wound that needs a criminal investigation of the complete coverup by state and county officials. A retired surgeon general states that if there was ever a puncture wound to an INTERNAL jugular done in an ambulance it would be 100% fatal, it's a two step needle procedure and can only be performed in a hospital with the use of X-ray and doppler to guide the needle.

The responder that murdered Gloria was told by the Peacehealth ER nurse that Mr. Brown was going to shoot people. The dispatcher at the Bellingham Fire Dept was involved in the lies. PeaceHealth lied and told them Gloria had a DNR which was later discovered to have been forced by three risk management employees according to an affidavit by an eyewitness, meanwhile a Bellingham police detective was in PeaceHealth telling them he investigated allegations that Mr. Brown was going to shoot people and found they were totally erroneous. Allegations apparently came from someone in the sheriffs department involved in the Brown's seven year old granddaughter's luring case that was covered up by the Sheriff Elfo and deputy Reimer who left the Browns seven year old granddaughter with a complete stranger overnight and never told the parents or grandparents. Mr. Brown was arrested for shouting at a deputy for the deputy not going and getting his granddaughter after he told deputy Reimer two men attacked him, yet later learning his granddaughter was left with a stranger overnight by the deputy. At the trial deputy Reimer lied to the jury saying the stranger Girouard never told him our grandaughter was sleeping over in his condo, despite it in his records. If the deputy simply told the father or grandfather that day it would have ended it right there and then. Evidence that Mr. Brown was not arrested or booked on any drunk charge was never presented to the jury. he only shouted at the deputy to go and get his granddaughter. Two months later a jury was told lies by whatcom county that Mr Brown was drunk and hit a stranger despite proof he could have presented had he been told of the false charge. I could prove I got home an hour earlier from being in Canada all day according to bus records he could have presented, all lies made up by the county. The grandfather was falsely accused two months later of being drunk and hitting a man that was in the strangers apartment with two other men. The county used the man, Richard Grenkow, who testified in court Mr, Brown hit him, later turned out to be an infamous canadain criminal that stole millions in gold bullion from Air Canada yet Whatcom County refuses to investigate or reverse the charge or investigate the murder of his wife, Gloria Brown by a whatcom responder who punctured her internal jugular vein yet lied to the DOH, who knew he was lying since they had the autopsy that proved it. Detective Scanlon was in the hospital explaining that death threats by Mr, Brown were erroneous when the ER nurse ran to him explaining she just told that to the responders and that Mr.s Brown was DNR, all lies. The detective told her he investigated allegations that Mr. Brown was going to shoot people and they were erroneous. Sheriff Elfo and Judge Elich covered up the fact that deputy Reimer never told the father or grandfather and left our seven year granddaughter with a complete stranger overnight. It;s obvious they knew they were in trouble for leaving our child with a complete stranger overnight and the County left another child in a precarious situation six years years earlier and had to pay eight million to another family in Lewis v. Whatcom.

The deputy who arrested Mr. Brown for disturbing the peace was the person responsible for leaving our seven year old granddaughter with a stranger overnight after despite the deputy being told by the luring suspect that our seven year old granddaughter was sleeping over in his condo with his 3 year old daughter yet the deputy did not ask the stranger if he had permission from the parents or come back and tell the grandfather and father what the stranger just told the deputy, instead he left our granddaughter with the stranger and arrested the grandfather for swearing at him for not going and getting the child after two men in the condo with the stranger attacked the grandfather when he went looking for his grandfather while deputy never told the father that his little girl was sleeping in a strangers condo that night. Judge was related to the deputy and jury was lied to by prosecutor, judge elich who was related to the deputy. 


NO ONE KNOWS EXCEPT THE DEPUTY AND LURING SUSPECT WHO TOLD THE DEPUTY SHE WAS OVER HIS PLACE FOR A SLEEPOVER, JUDGE KNOWS CHILD WAS LEFT WITH THE STRANGER BUT COVERED UP HIS RELATIVE AND JURY WAS NEVER TOLD THE TRUTH ACCEPT FOR LURING SUSPECT WHO THE DEPUTY LEFT THE CHILD WITH AND NEVER WARNED THE FATHER OR GRANDFATHER, ALL LIES TO COVERUP SHERRIFF'S DEPARTMENT FOR AGAIN LEAVING ANOTHER CHILD IN A WORSE CASE SCEANARIO, ACCORDING TO LEWIS V. WHATCOM WHERE WHATCOM COUNTY HAD TO PAY EIGHT MILLION. The ex mother in law of the stranger came over to families place earlier in the day and picked the child up for a sleepover in her condo, yet the ex mother in law later testified the child never slept at her condo that night. COURT NEVER ASKED THE OBVIOUS QUESTION, WHERE DID THE SEVEN YEAR CHILD SLEEP THAT NIGHT, IT WAS ALL ABOUT COVERING UP THE LIABILITY OF THE SHERRIFFS DEPT WHEREIN THEY HAD TO PAY EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS TO ANOTHER FAMILY IN LEWIS V. WHATCOM COUNTY FOR LEAVING A CHILD IN A WORSE CAE SCENARIO. Deputy Reimer never warned the family what the stranger told him that should have ended the confrontation with Mr. Brown immediately. The grandfather was just assaulted by two strangers outside the strangers condo, after the trial it was discovered by the grandfather that one of the attackers was an infamous canadian gold robber who stole millions in gold bullion from Air Canada yet was allowed to testify falsely against the grandfather by accusing the grandfather of being drunk out of his mind at five o'clock in the afternoon. After the trial the grandfather got records from Whatcom County Bus Company that proved the goldrobber and deputy and other plaintiffs were lying, records prove grandfather was picked up at 7 in the morning at the C shop and dropped off at 17:41, six o'clock by the time he walks from the bus stop and picks up his mail and opens his door, thus proving Mr. Brown could not have been drunk at 5 pm according to the goldrobber, or 6 pm simply because he just arrived home yet was arrested an hour later and deputy claiming he was drunk yet never charging him with being drunk and disorderly or even offering him a PBT, only to testify falsely to the jury saying luring suspect never said Kayla was sleeping over in his condo. It's apparent the deputy never asked the stranger if he had the parents permission and left the child with the stranger, which is why the assault charge two months later was all about and false accusations about being drunk. It took them two months to make up the story and all the false accusations and having to use a judge related to the deputy and an infamous canadian goldrobber was all about. Parents both testified the ex mother in law of the luring suspect CK picked up Kayla for a sleepover with her granddaughter yet in court she denied that she picked up Kayla or that Kayla slept over in her condo that night, therefore if the child didn't sleep at the child's home and didn't sleep at the ex mothers in law, that proves the stranger was telling the truth yet the deputy never thought to warn the father or grandfather what the stranger just told the deputy instead deputy never asked the stranger if he had permission from the parents and deliberately leaving our granddaughter with the stranger. Congresswoman DelBene checked with the border authorities and confirmed Mr. Brown walked across the border and the times for a meeting in Canada over a workmens comp claim while he was working for a canadian trucking company and had flown up to Birch Bay especially for that meeting. Later, it was discovered Whatcom County Sheriffs office had left another little girl in what the Supreme court called a "worse case scenario" and had to pay the other family eight million dollars. Prosecutor Thulin later lied to the Washington Supreme Court, claiming the gold robber never testified against Mr. Brown. It's why they took so long for the trial to change their story and use Judge Elich who was related to the deputy.

I didn't know they were going to accuse me of being drunk and "wanting my granddaughter". We never saw our granddaughter except the day she was born and two times Mr. Brown stopped by with his truck to show his grandkids. There was no breath test offered and after the trial Congresswoman DelBene got my crossing records, it proved I was in Canada for a meeting all day from seven in the morning and bus records prove they dropped the grandfather off at the local bus stop at 6 pm while the goldrobber witness testified the grandfather was drunk out of his mind at 5 pm and struck him. Judge Elich was related to the deputy and prosecutor used the infamous canadian goldrobber to testify I hit him, they had arrested me for disorderly conduct yet found me guilty of fourth degree assault, which I appealed to the Washington Supreme Court where Prosecutor Thulin lied by testifying their goldrobber never testified against me in court and the court agreed with her and never dropped the charges. Gloria and I saw our granddaughter the day she was born and only a couple of other times when I stopped by with my truck to show the kids, I was a longhaul driver for eight years. Whatcom County should be ashamed of themselves and their sheriffs department, prosecutors and judge Elich especially.   At trial the deputy and stranger changed their stories, claiming the stranger never said that Kayla was sleeping over and my court appointed lawyer didn't challenge the contradictions, I knew then it was a setup, after the trial I found out the guy I allegedly hit was an infamous canadian goldrobber named Grenkow who robbed air canada of millions in gold bullion.

I believe the two cases are connected, an independent criminal investigation could find out who alleged that Mrs. Brown was DNR and who from the sheriffs office alleged the erroneous allegations that Mr. Brown was going to shoot hospital employees that lead to the murder of his wife by the Bellingham responder.

The DOH is also complicit in the coverup, they refused to question the responder on why he claimed he did an "IV to her EXTERNAL jugular vein" when the DOH had a copy of the UWMC autopsy describing a puncture wound to her "INTERNAL jugular vein and a lumen and catheter still in her arm", catheter and lumen alone proves she had a working PICC line that was checked by a visiting nurse just the day before and was going to be removed she she didn't need it. It's obvious all they had to do was to hook up the IV, instead they threw it away to hid it by ripping it out of her body and then brutally murdered her by puncturing her internal jugular vein, even the washington EMT association after hearing the story told me to "go gettum". Our son was a responder and I am a friend of the Blues Knight Police Motorcyle Organization, I remember the day he graduated, Gloria was so proud of him, to think it was a young responder who did this to Gloria is unbelievable.

Washington Governor Inslee, PeaceHealth Hospital and Pope Francis were defendants in Gloria's wrongful death suit for wrongful death and outrage. They all think they've gotten away with murder but there's a higher judge. The only thing to stop the involuntary euthanasia holocaust happening in America under color of law is to revoke death statutes and it has to start in Washington state where they all coverup mistakes, premeditated murder and nefarious of doctors, responders, and risk management employees. People have to demand laws against murder under color of law be enforced for involuntary euthanasia and voluntary euthanasia statutes revoked alltogether. People have never needed statutes telling them how they should die, death statutes lead to early demise whether a patient wants it or not, death statutes take away your chose, it should be left up to God.. President Trump needs to go after heads of county, state governments, hospitals, responders and risk management employees. State DOH are using death statutes, natural death acts, comfort care and DNR's to coverup and eliminate liability for themselves and their doctors who are killing people ahead of their time. .

The puncture wound was brutal, four expert doctors would testify that it's not done by responders in an ambulance, it would be 100% fatal to cannulate a patient in an ambulance. Cannulization is two step procedure done only by specialized doctors in hospitals with the use of doppler and x-rays and since ambulances don't have neither, the entire procedure would be fatal! An autopsy was done at UWMC, otherwise I might never have learned the truth. Peacehealth lied to UWMC about Gloria’s medical condition by telling them she had leukemia and was in excruciating pain, lies according to UWMC Ethics Committee chairman. PeaceHealth had innitiated a DNR without informed consent and never telling us and injected deadly double effect flouride drugs. Also an eye witness affidavit claims she witnessed three risk management women force Gloria to sign a  medical directive agreeing to die with dignity when Gloria was drugged and incompetent an unable to recognize her own friend, that's punishable by murder for forcing a medical directive without informed consent. Risk management employees are not allowed to witness medical directives yet they forced it anyway to coverup their doctor who wrote a DNR without informed consent according to the doctors own medical records which is also punishable with murder.

We were told boldly by a woman director at PeaceHealth I'd never take my wife out alive, she boldly walked over and turned my computer off while we were talking with my daughter, another doctor told Gloria they would not change a small bandage on her leg because she was going to die, I told him to leave and not come back. When we demanded to leave against medical advice, they reluctantly agreed and hospital security escorted us out as though we were criminals.

After PeaceHealth we went to UWMC where their Ethics committee chairman Dr. Tonnelli had tests done on Gloria and discovered she was not in excruciating pain or dying from leukemia as UWMC was told by PeaceHealth, all lies. PeaceHealth had crippled Gloria with Cipro and comfort care double effect drugs without informed consent. Gloria was distraught that she couldn't move her legs after PeaceHealth yet she medically improved greatly at UWMC even signed a medical directive for full resuscitation only learning two years after her death that the state registry never updated PeaceHealth's fraudulent DNR we were never told about. I have learned since that when a person leaves a hospital any DNR should be automatically revoked.

Gloria improved greatly at UWMC and we came home. Gloria was not able to move her legs, she was distraught and was begging local rehabs to help her, she fainted and I called responders, never imaging they would refuse to help us. Unknown to us an ER nurse in Peacehealth St. Joseph's Hospital Bellingham Washington was telling Bellingham responders that Gloria Brown had a DNR and husband was going to shoot hospital employees. They not only refused to help, a Bellingham responder brutally punctured her internal jugular vein, as reported in the UWMC autopsy. A Bellingham Police detective was in PeaceHealth at the same time telling them death threats by Mr. Brown were erroneous, when the ER nurse blurted out to the detective that she just told responders not to resuscitate Gloria, that there was a DNR and husband was going to shoot people. PeaceHealth lied again, Gloria never signed for a DNR, found out later it was illegally written without informed consent by a new palliative care doctor despite the record saying that Gloria denied it. When risk management realized there was no informed consent they covered up the doctors mistake by having three risk management employees physically force Gloria to sign for death with dignity by picking up her hand to make circles on a directive agreeing to die with dignity when she was drugged and incompetent, all according to the eyewitness affidavit that stating Gloria couldn't even recognize her own friend. Forcing death with dignity without informed consent is murder.

When she fainted at home responders were told by the ER nurse that Gloria was DNR and husband was going to shoot responders, all lies according to a Bellingham Police Detective, yet Bellingham County District Attorney MacEachern and Whatcom County refused to investigate the false death threats and murder. No criminal or civil liability was ever admitted by the courts or DOH, despite overwhelming conclusive evidence. DOH investigator even gave court wrong dates, they knew their investigator deliberately reported information that was two days after the palliative care doctor wrote the illegal DNR without informed consent and never revealed that Gloria refused the DNR that was in PeaceHealth’s notes. Judge Coughneour of the Western District Seattle Federal District Court found the plaintiff had proved essential elements of his cause of action for wrongful death and outrage but he failed to grant a trial finding Ms Brown had signed a directive for full resuscitation in 2016. How could Gloria sign any directive in 2016 when she died in 2012. I fought it yet the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied my appeal and warned me not to file anymore pleadings and shut off my Pacer account and said they would charge me 500 for every page I filed. United States Supreme Court Justice Kennedy also refused to grant a two month extension to file a Writ of Certiorari, then he retired, obvious Supreme Court could have stopped the death with dignity had they judged merits of Gloria's case. They all stole Gloria's life, her choice to live, and constitutional right to informed consent touted by death mongers as our protection against nefarious criminal acts and violations of our constitutional right to life. Those risk management ladies were also responsible for Gloria's murder besides the responder and need to be charged with abetting suicide which is punishable by death under Washington state laws, that will stop involuntary euthanasia under color of law, from ever happening again and restore the fear of God's Law in hearts and souls.

RCW 70.122.090 Criminal conduct—Penalties. (2) Any person who falsifies or forges the directive of another, or willfully conceals or withholds personal knowledge of a revocation as provided in RCW 70.122.040 with the intent to cause a withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment contrary to the wishes of the declarer, and thereby, because of any such act, directly causes life-sustaining treatment to be withheld or withdrawn and death to thereby be hastened, shall be subject to prosecution for murder in the first degree as defined in Washington Criminal Code  RCW 9A.32.030.

All the deadly double effect death with dignity drugs and comfort care that cripples and kill, Cipro and morphine etc that made Gloria unable to move her legs or breath without oxygen was totally unnecessary and without them and comfort care drugs, alleged death threats forced DNR and that one murdering responder, Gloria would still be alive and with me today. Gloria improved greatly according to UWMC but we still had to deal with doctors and nurses that didn’t like being told they are doing wrong. One nurse at UWMC adjusted the flow and drip of a drug and it caused defib, I hung a sign on the machine not to administer the drug, same nurse next day deliberately placed a DNR bracelet on Gloria’s arm while she was sleeping, when Gloria woke up she yelled to have it cutoff immediately. Gloria wanted her off her case and couldn't trust any of them and we requested a medical directive for full resuscitation. Gloria was a former CNA, she knew their tricks, no one supplied a form so we wrote it out ourselves and doctors had to acknowledge that Gloria was competent and wanted full resuscitation. WA state registry on DNR’s never updated Gloria's file or PeaceHealth wouldn't care because they forced the hidden DNR in the first place, The state EMT Association told me the only legal way responders can stand down and not help a person is if there is a POLST form, they said to go after them, they only save lives, they don't murder people.

A week after coming home from UWMC Gloria fainted and I called responders. Birch Bay emts arrived first, the Bellingham crew arrived and leader to transfer her was talking on his phone to Peacehealth, then he told birch bay responders to stop, put away things, then he and his crew of half a dozen responders in firesuits, each carrying a red board turned and walked out leaving husband and two remaining young crew who tried to lift Gloria but couldn't, I helped pick her up and put her on the gurney. The ambulance sat on side of highway while actual time should have been twenty minutes to the emergency room, her heart beat for 35 minutes while records show trip took an hour and Gloria was breathing and her heart beating for 35 minutes while they sat on the side of the road calling into the Bellingham station saying they were afraid for their lives before brutally murdering her by puncturing her internal jugular vein. Whatever he was told by the Bellingham station enraged him enough to murder Gloria.

Four doctors would testify there wouldn't be any reason for a responder to go near the internal jugular vein, there's a procedure called cannulization only done by specially trained technicians or doctors in a sterile hospital environment with use of doppler and X-ray and requires a two step needle procedure but since ambulances don't have X-ray or doppler it would be 100% fatal in an ambulance. One doctor asked why they didn't use the PICC line that Gloria had installed by UWMC just a week earlier that's purpose is for emergencies, responders not only deny they punctured her IJV but DOH never mentioned the PICC line or puncture wound in the autopsy, DOH definitely covered up all their lies. Responders had no reason to go near the internal jugular vein, it would be redundant with a PICC line, it all proves she was intentionally murdered. A visiting nurse was at our home the day before and checked the PICC line and confirmed it was working fine with no other puncture wounds on her body. Whatcom prosecutor refused to do an investigation despite the Bellingham Police records that prove DNR was false and that alleged death threats by the husband were erroneous. Governor Inslee and Atty General Ferguson were defendants yet refused to do an independent investigation despite talk of murder and their Natural Death Act RCW 70.122.100 that states, Mercy killing, lethal injection, or active euthanasia is not authorized. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to condone, authorize, or approve mercy killing, lethal injection, or active euthanasia.

Peacehealth never told the husband of the DNR, they only admitted it two years later after sealed police records became available to the husband. County, state authorities and courts refuse to consider hospitals letter even exists, they know if they recognize it, it will reveal a worldwide scheme. Overwhelming conclusive evidence proved all essential elements of the cause of actions for wrongful death and outrage and also proves criminal charges. If murder doesn't get reported by our local police and prosecutors it implies we can be murdered under color of law with death statutes that relieves everyone responsible of culpability and criminal and civil liability, thus proves a complete coverup by highest authorities in hospitals and our county, state and federal courts.

Thank you for signing Gloria’s petition, please pass it on, God Bless.


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1,645 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!