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Only a Dog can be a man's best friend. Let's stop the #YulinDogMeatfestival crime!

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No human can have as faithful friend as a "Dog". It's only them with whom we can pour our hearts and share our love without being expected anything in return from us. Such kind souls are being killed for human satisfaction in Yulin city, China. They celebrate Dog meat festival every  year on June 21st Since, 2010. On that day, People there peel off dogs's skin in public one by one, beat them hard and serve It's meat all over the city.  When asked, they named their cruel act as their so called "Custom" that is to be followed it seems. If killing innocent animals is called  a custom, then I would rather not have any festivals to celebrate in life as per religious beliefs. If we as the responsible humans, don't raise our voice to save them, then I don't think our life would have a meaning to survive. I as a pet lover would like to sign a petition against this barbaric act and I hope, this festival will get strictly banned forever. Let's not let go off this opportunity to teach those illiterates, a lesson and make them realize their misdeed. I can't see this happening in my conscious and will do what ever possible best I can from my side. Hope, all those people who have hearts, also do their bit. Because, if we don't react, a lots of innocent lives would be recklessly gone and there would soon come a time, where even regretting doesn't help. Share and Support if you have even a little humanity. Thanks. :)


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