Investigate Tigress Avni's death in a night shootout

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Tigress Avni (T1), a six-year old tigress and mother of two nine-month old cubs was shot dead in Maharashtra's Yavatmal at 11.35 pm on Friday night, nearly three months after forest officials launched a massive search operation.

In this case, there weren’t too many arguments about whether or not Avni was responsible for the human killings but there were a lot about whether humans had any business being where they were.

"Avni was shot dead by sharp-shooter Asgar Ali, son of famous sharp-shooter Nawab Shafat Ali, at compartment number 149 of Borati forest under the jurisdiction of the Ralegaon police station," a police official said.

Here we ask the following questions:

1) Why was Avni not captured alive?

2) Was Avni ever tranquilized?  The picture circulated on social media shows the dart has been pinched manually after her death and not fired. Please tell us the truth. 

3) Do we have proof of Avni being a  man-eater?  

4) Why did we use services of private shooter  Asgar Ali, son of famous sharp-shooter Nawab Shafat Ali. Does forest department not have any competent person to handle this?

5) Orders to shoot the tigress were issued by PCCF (wildlife) AK Misra in the name of Nawab Shafath Ali Khan. Why was Nawab Ali Khan not present at the scene when the shooting took place.