HANDS OFF OUR PARK - Finsbury Park

HANDS OFF OUR PARK - Finsbury Park

1 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lawrence Singha

Here we go again. The walls have gone up in our park and we don’t want them. Set up started on 22nd June and will not be taken down til 23rd July. A whole month.
The hoarding is 3 meters high and cuts off about a third of the park. For the last two summers during lockdown the park has been a haven for local people particularly those who have no gardens. We have sat in it and run around in it to keep as well as possible during lockdown.

This is why parks were provided in the first place 150 years ago: to provide respite from busy city life and a place to help keep us fit and healthy.

But now 45,000 people will descend on the park from Friday 8-10 July with standard prices for Wireless at £132 for a single 1-day ticket.

The gross income for the festival organiser is therefore £5,940,000 per day with rents from food and drink stall holders on top.

Haringey Council argue that they need the money due to government cuts.

So how much does Haringey Council get? The charge per head for each ticket holder that goes to the Council itself has been stated by the Council as being only £5.12p. So 45,000 x £5.12p is £230,400 or 4% of the nearly £6.0m taken by the festival organisers per day.

Local residents see this as a really bad deal for losing their local park.


The Council is not measuring

  • Impact on nature and wild life
  • Impact on air pollution
  • Impact of noise on residents


  • No consultation takes place with local people
  • Parks are for people to enjoy as local parks not for holding mega intrusive
    festivals in a densely populated area of London.

So what do our local people get out of these events. And 4 long weekends of festivals are planned for July and August.

  • Continuous loud music 10 hours a day for long weekends in July and August - peak summer months
  • Destruction of the grass by 45,000 people pounding on it in July
  • Damage to trees and wildlife by compacting the soil
  • Potential for increased drug selling and use
  • Diesel fumes from lorries and food stalls despite being in an ultra low emission zone. 
    38 diesel generators + 5 back up generators counted so far
  • A 3 metre high perimeter fence erected next to the children’s new play area
  • No access to tennis courts from 4th July to 21st July. Unprecedented.
  • Local people having to leave the area when the noise becomes unbearable

We are happy to see small free events but not those which so badly affect the fabric of the park and pollute the area with noise and diesel fumes.

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Signatures: 2,831Next Goal: 5,000
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