Stop the reorganization of classes!!

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HWDSB set out this week to complete an entire reorganization of both in school and online learning. Our children will be uprooted from the only thing that they have had some consistency with since the start of the pandemic. The reorganization that is happening will add more students to classrooms, rip them away from their friends, take them away from their teachers and put teachers in classes they have never taught (or been trained to teach). The impacts that all of these changes will have on our children will be detrimental to their mental health and well being. We have the chance to send a powerful message that we as parents are not willing to let this happen to our children and to our teachers. Please take the time to pass along the message and make sure that the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board knows we parents will not stand by and let our children’s lives be affected this way. As a community we need to let our voices be heard! 

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."