Hamilton Police to wear body Cameras when responding

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Canadian often minimize the degree of inequality, and police brutality in Canada because in comparison to the U.S. the numbers look progressive. 

In the past 6 years the Hamilton Police Service Board has voted 4 times against the use of lapel body cameras. The goal of use is to provide transparency about police use of force, unprofessional behaviour, and mend trust with the public. The board admits in a report that body-worn cameras are linked to fewer police use-of-force incidents and fewer public complaints. however even with this information, the Hamilton police have said that research is inconclusive and that Canada doesn’t have the same tensions between public and police as the U.S. 

I am not interested in a comparative study between Canada and U.S I am interested in the safety and protection of ALL Hamilton residents, and to deny the use of cameras is to put up a giant wall between the public and the police and say “just trust us”. Well we don’t trust you, we have seen too many black people be wronged, mistreated, and harassed, and we want to know with absolute certainty that you are taking this matter as serious as we are. 

BLACK LIVES MATTER. This is not just an American problem, lets bring justice at home.