Halifax Transit - Bring Back the 18!

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The implementation of the Moving Forward Together service changes to Halifax Transit on August 20, 2018, disproportionately impacted Mount Saint Vincent University students’, faculty, staff and the outside community. The 18 served as a vital link between the universities and was the most important bus for the Mount community. The loss of the Route 18, Universities, has restricted access to other institutions on the peninsula. Furthermore, the exclusion of Mount Saint Vincent University from the new Route 4, Universities, is unacceptable and should be acknowledged. It has been replaced by routes that force students to transfer at Lacewood Terminal and then take a circuitous route that overwhelmingly impacts travel times. The Mount Saint Vincent University community needs accessible transit that takes into consideration the requirements and usage patterns of students, faculty, and staff accessing the Mount and the greater Halifax area.


Mount Saint Vincent University students, faculty, and community members demand the return of the 18 and condemn the lack of consideration of our campus, our students, and our community. Bring back Route 18, Universities, to Halifax Transit!