Revoke Dr. Errol Gaum’s dental license!!!!

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Please read ALL reviews on this dentist and also this recent story below:

Please if anything , Share this post for all of Nova Scotia to read . Here is a picture of Dr. Errol Gaum on the left , and A picture of My beautiful 6 year old daughter Peyton. Peyton had a referral from the Mayflower Mall Dentist in Sydney , Cape Breton to travel to Bedford , Nova Scotia to have dental work done by Dr. Errol Gaum. Mother took my daughter to the appointment yesterday , November 10th 2020. Peyton was getting her tooth pulled and was required to get sedated for the procedure to be done. My mother was told to stay in the waiting room while Peyton was in the office getting her dental work done. While Peyton was in the office my mother could hear her screaming and crying hysterically to the point it was very disturbing to listen to and she asked the receptionist if that was Peyton screaming? She replied “ no I don’t think so “ but after a few minutes of constant crying and screaming my mother asked the receptionist again if that was Peyton. The receptionist went into the room where Peyton was and came back out and told my mother that she is crying but she is fine. It just didn’t seem normal at all, especially since she was supposed to be sedated. The receptionist told my mother that Peyton won’t remember any of it tomorrow. The receptionist told my mother that she might want to wait outside so she can’t hear Peyton crying, after the receptionist told her Peyton was fine my mother believed her and went outside to wait. When the procedure was done the receptionist told my mother that my daughter was very distraught and when my mother went back in the building to get Peyton the Dentist was no where to be seen but the assistant told my mother that “ Peyton is really upset with us” . Peyton would not calm down for hours and hours , She was repeating that the dentist was hurting her and was mean to her telling her to shut up! She was sobbing crying saying that the dentist wouldn’t let her breathe , because he was holding his hand over her mouth and plugging her nose with his fingers at the same time and when she was screaming for her nanny, he told her that her nanny was gone and to shut up ! She said that the girl in the room with the dentist was nice to her and was just holding her arms down. When she was finished and able to leave the room she said that the Dentist told her to “go”. She keeps saying that the dentist told her to “go” when she was done and that’s it. The Police have been contacted , and tomorrow there will be others contacted about what happened as well. My daughter is not acting herself at all , she is hardly speaking and is acting very quiet and timid. Something needs to be done about Dr. Errol Gaum !!! If you google his name and read his reviews you will be sickened from the reviews of people saying he did similar things to themselves as children or their children !!!!!! Please share my post and get the word out there so parents know what kind of monster Dr.Errol Gaum in Bedford Nova Scotia is ! He assaulted my daughter and clearly assaulted multiple children in the past and present ! We need to protect our children! If we don’t then who else will? We the family of Peyton are sick to our stomachs over this whole situation ... Dr.Errol Gaum abused children and needs to be held accountable for his actions !!!! Please share !!!!!!