Stop the Sale of the Bloomfield Centre

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The Bloomfield Centre (former Bloomfield School) is one of the last large tracts of public property on the Halifax Peninsula. Already, two other school sites have been sold for private development. The North End of Halifax is experiencing unprecedented growth. HRM last conducted public consultations on the future of the Centre in 2007. The current sale is predicated on a much different neighbourhood, with much different needs. With significant change in HRM councilors, there is an opportunity to have the sale stopped. The Centre Plan has added no new green space in the North End, despite at least 10 new residential buildings built or under construction. Non-profits, community space and art studios are increasingly being pushed to the margins. The future use and ownership of the two full blocks of land occupied by the former school buildings is too valuable to sell in full to the private sector. We are asking HRM council to not agree to the current sale, revisit the community needs of the North End from a community perspective and do the right thing for the future of this neighbourhood.