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  • People across our country have taken the necessary steps and worked very hard to insure the safety and well being of our fellow Canadians. 

With the measures that have been put in place, we have seen a decline in infection, and the slow reopening of our infrastructure and economy. As salons across the country are excited to announce the reopening of their businesses, Ontario remains silent. 

By now ,all of us have seen the video chat report by the Medical Officer of Health,Dr. Paul Roumeliotis in his May 28th media briefing. During this briefing, Dr.Roumeliotis was asked to explain the logic that allows dental practices, massage and chiropractic clinics in Ontario to open,while even the smallest salons are to remain closed. His response was "it's not my logic, it's provincial direction ".

He notes that the province of Ontario wants medical  services to begin opening first, recognizing this as provincial logic. Technically, we as Ontario Beauty Professionals, do not come close to the contact realized when a dentist comes into contact with saliva, when a massage therapist or a chiropractor adjusts the muscle tension or spinal ailments of another human being. 

For decades now, all hairstylists have had to adhere to a strict doctrine of hygiene and compliance within the requirements of the Ontario health standards. 

The simple truth is, dentists, massage clinics, chiropractic clinics and botox facilities all have governing bodies to report to. Hairstylists in Ontario have the Ontario College of Trades, a body that is an umbrella for multiple trades with non specific guidelines, the majority of which have been given the green light to return to work, ie. Construction, industrial, motive power, and service sectors. 

Due to the inability to reach the Ontario College of Trades during this crisis, Lindie Blackwell and Norm Wright have decided that it may be time to defend our livelihood and remind our government that, while Dr. Roumeliotis may be content with a haircut by his daughter with dog clippers, promoting such activity in Ontario while the rest of the country's salons are going back to work could have a catastrophic impact on small businesses and their employees in the province of Ontario. 

Quebec salons have announced plans for salons to open starting on June 15th. While their population is almost half the size of Ontario, their documented infections are double that of Ontario . Quebec Hairstylists, like hairstylists in every other province including Ontario, have put in place measures to insure the spread of this virus can escalate no further. 

Please take the time to read and sign this petition, and help us bring Beauty back to Ontario!