Community against shipping containers for drug addicts and homeless on Beaumont Crescent

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This petition is to protest the possibility of having shipping containers put on the city owned land at the corner of Beaumont Crescent and Sloan Ave to house drug addicts and homeless people.

This small neighbourhood is full of young children and elders.  Putting these containers in this area would be very detrimental to the safety of our children, our property value and our quiet neighborhood. 

To place these containers on this land does not make any sense. There are no amenities close by, it is 30 minutes to walk downtown, and it is not close to the hospital if needed. This location is not an ideal spot.

As a mother of 3 young children with one child on the spectrum, I fear for their safety and to allow them to go outside to play with their friends. Please sign this petition and help spread the word. For the well being of many young children, we ask for your help!!