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The city of Pensacola has a profoundly racist past that haunts the ignorant today. With the current protest and demands that have followed since the tragic death of George Floyd, the citizens of Pensacola deserve a downtown that matches their own values...not of the appauling ones long ago. Pensacola does not deserve to be tarnished with the constant memory of the racial injustice that sparked the very war where we killed our own men due to some’s belief that all men were not equal. Those very same men decided to memorialize such horrific injustice in our very own downtown. The statue is a reminder of a time when not all men were equal...why should we walk next to that in a time when we supposedly are? As a city we deserve better. If we truly want to highlight our history let’s not hide the fact that Pensacola was known at one point as the most racist cities in America. This city experienced tragedy that we hopefully will never have to witness. It has been far too long.  We need this deplorable statue away from our city. Do we want our children growing up in a city that still can’t recognize the racial injustice of this so called “monument” ??? Tear it down!!! Build something in unity with the community. This statue does not represent the citizens of Pensacola and it shouldn’t represent the city either.