My College DOES NOT CARE About My Mental Health

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Hello everyone, my name is Ornela and I am 18 years old. The reason for my petition is very simple.   Grimsby Institute does not care about my mental health or my well-being.  It all started in October 2015, where my levels of anxiety were really high and I explained to the college that I would have issues with said problem throughout the whole two years of my course. They allegedly took note of my situation but I never believed they even did so. I am currently on medication for my anxiety disorder which I also have shown to the college. My attendance was going down due to my mental health issues, I felt like going to college was the worst part of the day. I kept repeatedly asking for counselling and extra help for my studies, I never received said help even after several complaints that I am in desperate need of help. My progression coach kept telling me that I am on a waiting list which I was being told that for several weeks and I started to lose hope. My college only has TWO COUNSELORS in the ENTIRE college campus, baring in mind that there are about 2,000 students attending. About midway October, I was sent into the head of art's office for a meeting about my attendance which I was very rudely treated even after explaining my situation several times to different members of staff. The head of art didn't even take into consideration what I have just said and put me on a warning for five college days.The warning consisted of five day probation; if I were to miss a day then I would be withdrawn from my course and the head of art also said that I did not deserve to even be on this course.  I ATTENDED ALL FIVE DAYS without any problems, worked hard in my studies and did not cause any trouble for anyone.  The next week, I attended all of my lessons as normal but I was struggling to keep calm with my disorder and I still wasn't receiving any extra help from a learner supporter whilst all the other students had an assigned member of staff.  I felt like I had no-one to go to at this point. After again making several complaints about this matter, I felt like it was never going to be sorted. After the week had ended, I was called in by my main tutor and she had informed me that I had been WITHDRAWN from my course and was told that I did not meet the head of art's targets with was the five day probation/warning period. After explaining my situation to my tutor, she simply stated that it was too late to do anything about the withdrawal (which it wasn’t). After several attempts to get back onto my course, my appeals have been ignored and I even had to get another progression coach involved that was not even assigned in the department my course was in. The second progression coach tried to make another several appeals but was simply rejected and said that I was not suitable for the course in the first place! I have two qualifications in Level 2 and including all my GSCE’s which were not A to C but they made an exception because of my two Level 2 qualifications which were relevant to the course I was doing. If I was really unsuitable, they would not have enrolled me in the first place. Each and every time I tried to fight for my case, I was simply brushed aside or have been told to look at OTHER OPTIONS. At this point I am tired of appealing to my college for any assistance because they will NOT help me with continuing my course. This is where I am reaching out to the public for assistance. I want an education and I cannot afford to pay for education. I want to succeed and do a course that I enjoy doing and want to pursue a career in.   Thank you for your time and if anyone else has the same problem as me, please feel free to email me at       

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