My brother could have lived - Support AEDs in public businesses

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My 26 year old brother, Jessie Hayes, died on Sunday, December 17, 2017 inside of a Hammond, Indiana IHOP. When paramedics arrived to the Hammond, Indiana IHOP almost 20 minutes after the 911 call was placed, Jessie was in cardiac arrest, unresponsive and had no pulse. My brother could have lived if there was an AED Defibrillator installed in that IHOP location.

The State of Indiana does not mandate public businesses to have an AED Defibrillator unless the business is a health club or a doctor's office. What happens if an employee of a restaurant goes into cardiac arrest and the business is not mandated to have an AED? Will the employee become another "Jessie"? Will a customer become another "Jessie"?

Please help me to fight to mandate that all public businesses have an AED Defibrillator installed and that at least one employee is trained and certified in basic life support. My brother was a beloved Supervisor at UPS Hodgkins, IL and left behind his family (including his six-year old son). No family should experience this kind of loss. Let's help to save lives, one life at a time.

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