Support mandatory labelling for products containing palm oil

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In one month only, more than 1040 hectares (which is equivalent to 3,392 football fields) of rainforest were cleared near 144 different palm oil mills in Indonesia, devastating Orangutan habitat.  The top 10 mills, all located on the island of Borneo, lost an average of 104 hectares or 339 football fields, each. 

From 1999 - 2015 the orangutan population has declined on Borneo by 100,000.  In Sumatra there are only 14,000 orangutans left.  

The unluckiest orangutans die in the fires set to clear the land.  The more fortunate are marooned on small islands of trees among oil palms.  Desperate for food they stray into areas inhabited by humans and get shot.  

Orangutans are fast becoming extinct and they are not the only animals suffering from this industry,  There are horrific stories of elephants being killed as they lose their habitat and stray into human contact.

The facts:

Palm oil is in around 50 per cent of supermarket products.  Not just food.  Toothpaste, dish washing liquid, nail polish & body wash are just some of the products it's present in.   It is often disguised as "vegetable oil" or "fatty acids"  so you may not know you're consuming it. Palm oil itself is not bad, but the unsustainable way that it's produced is destroying rain forest habitats.

Mandatory palm oil labelling will put pressure on companies to start using alternative ingredients, or at the very least, sustainably-produced palm oil. 

The decision to introduce mandatory labelling of palm oil in Australia rests with a group of Ministers who make up the Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation, chaired by the Federal Minister Health Minister, Greg Hunt.

Consumers have the power to make our government act.  The more governments that take a stand, the more influence we place on overseas governments to introduce more sustainable industries and practices.

We want to see an end to the needless death and destruction of our animals and their environments.  Help us.  

 Deirdre & Anthea