Invite Dr Charlie Teo to operate in public hospitals

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Dr Charlie Teo is a medical genius, yet he is vilified by his peers in Australia. At present he has not been invited to operate in any public hospitals in Australia , so those that need his expertise have to pay to go into a private hospital. He operated on a young Perth girl recently who’s family had to crowd fund to give their beautiful daughter any chance, she had been put into palliative care by the doctors in Perth. Dr Teo was then called out by Dr Henry Woo because of this. Dr Woo is not a neurosurgeon & was just trying to make Charlie look bad, he offered no alternative to the family. This isn’t something new it has been happening for years. When professor Chris O’Brien had a brain tumour he turned to Dr Teo for help, yet the cancer centre named after him hasn’t invited Dr Teo to work there. It’s time the government who are paying all these doctors told them to get their egos in check & not only invite Charlie to their hospital but learn from him. It’s time for the people of Australia to back Charlie Teo. I lost a sister to a brain tumour, we contacted Dr Teo but could not get her seizures to stop for long enough to travel. Many people don’t know a lot about brain tumours until it effects someone they love, but brain cancer kills more children than any other disease, approximately every 7 hours an Australian dies of brain cancer. We need to give them every opportunity which means having the best access to the best medical treatment.