Higher sentence for the killer of a 13 year old boy- he got 4 years in jail

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Police article HIGHER SENTENCE FOR KILLER OF AN INNOCENT 13 YEAR OLD BOY. Liam Wilson, 21, was doing 58mph in a 20 zone; in a car with no MOT and not insured, with only a provisional licence. He was driving “reckless and stupid” going round a bend where he lost control of the car, hitting Jack Worwood, 13, who died from his injuries in his parents arms after it was decided to turn off his life support machine after 6 hours of operations trying to save his life. Liam Fled the scene but was identified by CCTV, DNA and a card left at the scene. He received a 4 year custodial sentence and a 5 years 10 months driving ban. Jack was a “caring, kind and conscientious kid” who was just on his way to play football with some friends. Mr. Worwood feels like he has been given a life sentence by loosing Jack. Yet Liam only got 4 years. The judge acknowledged “no sentence could but a value on Jack’s life” yet four years does not seem enough when a child has been killed by a wreck less driver doing nearly 3 times the speed limit. The sentence should be appealed and a higher custodial sentence.