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My name is Kydada Lewis, a born native of Richmond Virginia; now living in Fairburn, Ga. I am writing about Davin Wallace (1101851), My fiancé, that I’ve been with since I was 12 years old. Mr. Wallace is an inmate serving 34 years on a NON-Violent Drug offense in VDOC (Virginia Department of Correction) facility. As I eagerly seek your assistance in this matter, I ask God to touch your heart and decision making in a way that answer prayers as you have the power to. I pray you won’t take my persistence as offense as it is merely desperation to help my love one. I initially starting writing this letter carefully selecting my words in hopes that if I said all the right things, I could appeal to you on an intellectual level and that you would give serious consideration to what I'm asking of you. However, I've chosen not to do that. Instead, I would like to speak from my 
heart with the hope that you can receive it as such, a heartfelt plea for grace.

 Dave & I  have a love story that started when I was just 12 years old. Both Davin and I came from troubled, broken homes and we found solace in each other. Growing up, Dave never knew his real dad and by the time he found out who he was his dad was on his death bed and died 15 minutes after speaking to Davin and my father, was abusively in and out my life. I lost my mom some 20+ years ago to a heart attack and both  Dave's mom & mine  battled a drug addiction. So, both of us, without the guidance of a mother or father, learned survival skills in the streets of the housing projects; which we grew up in. Imagine being 12 and 14 years old and not knowing where your next meal was coming from or where you would spend the night or if the lights would be on when you got home from school. Imagine being homeless as a child because your mother would put you out any given time and you never got the liberty to dream or worse, having a dream without a clue as to how you could attain it. That was our reality. Like many other black children in similar circumstances, without guidance, access to contraceptives or education about prevention, we became teenage parents. As a result, the pressure to provide basic necessities increased for Davin. Yet, he had no education and no support.

I make no excuses for his past behavior. There are and should be consequences for one's actions; although 34 years seem excessive to me. I simply wanted you to know the backstory. A lot of times, in courts or even in the news, crimes are reported and people are convicted of those crimes without anyone ever considering how. How did they get there? I want you to know how Dave got here. His parents, the people God entrusted him to, failed him. They failed to guide and protect him. They failed to show him that he had other options in life; a different path he could have taken to transcend poverty and hopelessness. They never taught him that his intellect and other skills could have taken him beyond his present circumstances. They left him to be raised in the streets, by other people who also didn't 
know any better. Dave and I did the best we could with what we had [or should I say didn't have].


Remember I mentioned we became teenage parents? Well, one of our children name is Davon and he's now 25 years old now. He graduated high school and went off to college. He has spent the last 12 years of his life without his 
father. He has two boys of his own now. Although he has done well for himself considering the circumstances, it literally breaks my heart to see the pain he carries as he tries to navigate manhood without his father's physical presence. He's sad. He's heartbroken. He often feels alone. He needs his father; the same father who also grew up without a father. Do you see a pattern? The difference is Dave 
wants to be there for his son and his other children.

 Please, help break this generational cycle. Dave has truly transformed his life and has gained so much wisdom that his son needs, but he can't receive it from a man who's being locked away like an animal for 34 years. He needs his father to be free, because believe it or not, although Dave is the one behind bars, his son is also imprisoned; in his mind and in his heart.

Set them free.

You have the power to do it; to change the lives of an entire family. You have the power to change the trajectory of the lives of the next generation of Wallace men; Davon's sons and their sons someday. You can put an end to the fatherless households in this lineage. Will you do it? Will you consider it? Will you 
at least look into this case and take into consideration his family and the fact that he has already served 12 years of his sentence for a non-violent crime?

 I pray you heard my heart in this letter. This isn't all about politics. It's about saving a family, because that's how we save and change society, right? One family at a time. I hope you can see the face of Davon as he looks down into the faces of his beautiful boys, unsure of how to father them, as he is desperately struggling to cope with not having his own father to show him the way. A different, better way.

Help this family. My family. Please.

This is not just UNFAIR sentencing but UNJUST, especially, on a NON-VIOLENT charge. Davin's 5th amendment rights were violated from the day of the arrest, (when a warrant was NOT issued at the time of entry of the residence), through his trial by his own court appointed attorney,(Raul Novo-Ineffective Assistance of Counsel), and to the sentencing day where he has been sentenced with Ineffective punishment, this is not a means of rehabilitation. To deprive a man from his family, his children for so many years for a NON-VIOLENT crime is cruelty that he don't deserve. This petition is NOT based on an argument of his innocence or guilt ,it's strictly a "FAIR SENTENCE" argument. The facts in his case can prove:

A warrant was NOT issued at the time authorities entered the premises (it wasn't until Davin was booked at the jail that he received the warrant)
The affidavit was based on an unreliable and un-creditable informant supposedly knowledge of drugs in a car, NOT in the actual residence that was searched (The informant was the girlfriend of Davin's co-defendant who's resident was searched, she had been previously arrested and concocted this story to help buy herself freedom and the authorities used it to railroad Davin. 
        3.The informant statements did NOT support grounds for probable cause  to issue a search warrant.

       4.The Court appointed Attorney (RAUL NOVO) provided INEFFECTIVE COUNSEL. He had been suspended from the bar for 30 months for admitted to smoking marijuana, not handling the case with diligence, communication, or competence in a case that was brought upon on him by another one of his clients which was during the same time he reprsented Davin. Davin was NOT aware of his drug use during the time of his trial.(he wasn't given the opportunity to obtain reliable and effective counsel) After Davin was sentenced Raul Novo submitted an appeal but FAILED to include the affadavit of which pertained the argument that the  appeal was based on, so the appeal was denied. By the time Davin got notice of his denial he had been time barred from filing other important filings such as Habeas Corpus.

                                               PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PETITION

 So much more arguments in this case NEED to be reviewed. This man is serving 34 years without having been giving a fair arrest, fair trial, fair counsel, or fair sentencing. His children need and lacks for him, his loveones are willing to fight for him. This is a man whom life has been stripped away by a system that failed him.  Davin was born into a life of disfunction, he needs rehabilitation NOT incarceration for the rest of his life. The system continues to use unfair, longterm incarceration as a means of what, i don't know, but they are not realizing how much damage is done when our young men, fathers lives are being torn as a result of their mistakes in life, He's not a menace to society, he's actually a Victim of society. " LET'S FOCUS MORE ON HELPING BUILD AN HONEST MAN FROM A BROKEN, DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILY, THAN TEARING HIS ENTIRE EXSITENCE DOWN. Once again we are NOT arguing innocence or guilt, whether guilty or not, he DOES NOT deserve 34 years, he did NOT Kill, Rape, Rob or Molest anyone and yet there are people who have and have NOT been sentenced to this much time.  The annual cost to house Davin in Va DOC is approximately $25,000 a year, thats around $850,000 FOR 34 YEARS, im sure it's much more the state of Virginia can find to do with taxpayers money than keep this man incarcerated for the next 27 years at a ballpoint figure of $675,000. The city needs so much more.                      GRANT "DAVIN WALLACE" A CHANCE AT FREEDOM AND SAVE TAXPAYERS MONEY FOR MORE APPROPRIATE CONTRIBUTION TO VIRGINIA......PLEASE GRANT HIS CHILDREN & GRANDCHILD THE ABILITY TO HAVE HIM IN THIER LIVES.....                 AS THIS WORLD WOULD BE A MUCH BETTER PLACE IF LAW MAKERS WILL REUNITE FAMILIES WITH REHABILITATION TACTICS RATHER THAN A LIFETIME OF INCARCERATION

                                  PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PETITION 




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